The Phaserl


The NSA Boomerang

by Pater Tenebrarum,

The Cost of Spying on Everyone May Unexpectedly Rise

The most recent spate of revelations in the ‘Guardian’, the ‘Washington Post’ and elsewhere about the NSA’s sprawling snooping programs may have rather large unintended consequences. We are not referring to the fact that the NSA reportedly routinely violated the already extremely lax rules meant to limit its activities for a number of years, or that it ships all its raw data to Israel ‘hoping they won’t be misused‘ (apparently there are no legal limits to the use of the data, so one can only hope).

Rather, we are referring to the fact that the NSA has reportedly cracked internet encryption protocols and that its hackers have ‘back doors’ into the hardware and software of various mainly US based technology companies at their fingertips. As ‘Der Spiegel’ reports in a recent article on the NSA’s amazing ability to spy on every type of smart phone (including the ‘Blackberry’, which hitherto was regarded as especially secure), there is no indication or proof that the companies concerned voluntarily helped the NSA to gain access to such back doors.

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