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The MOST IMPORTANT Article I’ve Ever Written

by Andy Hoffman,

The reason the Miles Franklin Newsletter is the best in the Precious Metals universe is because we give you what no else does – for free, EVERY SINGLE DAY.  David Schectman, Bill Holter, and myself have more than 80 years of financial market experience – including 55 in Precious Metals; and our diverse backgrounds, in marketing, financial brokerage, mining, and securities analysis are UNPARALLELED in our “shadow world” – hands down.  Why do I bring this up today, of all days?  Because I believe our recent work – particularly under our new, “all-in-one” newsletter format – is among the best we’ve ever produced; and because today, I am publishing “THE MOST IMPORTANT ARTICLE I’VE EVER WRITTEN.”

My initial premise was the ramifications of the collapse of “emerging market” currencies against the “king dollar” over the past six months; not un-coincidentally, since the Fed commenced its lethal “QE4” program.  As I concluded in “INFLATION AND ARAB SPRING,” the root cause of global inflation – and ultimately, HYPERINFLATION, is unfettered MONEY PRINTING by the holder of the world’s “reserve currency” – i.e, the United States.  That is, the Fed’s printing presses are injecting TRILLIONS into the global “bloodstream” each year; and given that it remains the world’s largest trading and currency reserve platform, the “trickle-down effect” causes MASSIVE inflation across the four corners of the globe.  However, until I did the research summarized below, I could not have imagined how universally destructive the Fed has become; nor how close we are to the END GAME of global currency collapse.

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