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The Matrix of Four – How to Surpass the Hegelian Dialectic

by Ethan Indigo Smith,

“Is the universe eternal? Or not? Or both? Or neither? Is the universe finite? Or not? Or both? Or neither? Is the self identical with the body? Or is the self different from the body? Does the Tathagata (name Buddha used for himself meaning the one who has thus come and the one who has thus gone) exist after death? Or not? Or both? Or neither?” ~The Fourteen Unanswered Questions of Buddha.

The theories of special relativity and general relativity, as theorized by Albert Einstein, in part state that reality is four dimensional, made up of time, length, width and depth. Also he states there are four forms of fundamental force in the universe; weak nuclear force, strong nuclear force, electromagnetism and gravity. A fifth force is thought to exist and yet is undiscovered. Four is representative of completion in numerous systems from our physical composition, to the laws of the four dimensional universe and its four forces.

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