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The Lizard People of the NWO


From video creator Betsy McGee: I’M NOT SAYING that lizard people exist, but I can understand why some people think they do…

Thanks as always to the great David Dees for sharing his talent and his great work with anyone trying to spread the truth (

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5 comments to The Lizard People of the NWO

  • B.M.

    I myself do not believe in lizard people, but I do think these psychopaths in charge could definitely have a more primitive part of their brains that’s dominating their thoughts/behavior vs. normal people.

    Could that explain why they act more reptilian than the rest of us and are psychopaths?

  • Stefan

    LOL – Entertaining and Clever – Got the main idea across without being to serious. Yeah, we’re looking forward to peace without those creeps either. Well done.

  • Eric

    You can be a believer or you can be a knower. Knowing requires research and study.

  • Rudenewt

    I flicked my tongue all the way through this!!! Hmmmmm.

    Maybe I should be in charge.

  • NaySayer

    That picture just looks like a bad face lift gone wrong. We don’t want to think that these are just bad humans. I’m afraid they are just very very bad humans, although it is comforting to be able to say they aren’t human, but I fear they are.

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