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THE FED QE MACHINE: Inflationary Valuations for Gold & Silver

by Steven St. Angelo, SRS Rocco:

The global financial system is floating on a sea of worthless paper assets. Unfortunately, the majority of people still haven’t figured out that the end of this fiat monetary system is close at hand.

While the Fed’s QE machine continues to pump out $Billions of Dollars of worthless currency, the fundamental valuations of gold and silver continue to grow hidden from plain sight. As the world’s electronic trading systems move $trillions in and out of Treasuries, Bonds, Equities and Derivatives on a daily basis, a fraction of this amount is moved into physical gold never to return.

Of course Main Stream Media has no clue that the fraction of this currency being exchanged for gold will turn out to be one of the best investments in the future. You almost can’t blame their ignorance as the present paper valuations of gold and silver have not kept in pace with the world’s printing presses.

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