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The End of Fed Credibility – And Beginning of the End Game

by Andy Hoffman,

For the past eight months, I’ve been reading the seven-book, 3,400 page Stephen King masterpiece, the Dark Tower; which has been so good, I penned an article about it back in March – when I just started reading.  The Dark Tower is a Tolkien-like saga of “the Gunslinger”; a loner, who for centuries seeks the Dark Tower at the center of the universe.  The Tower guides and controls thousands of worlds – in my view, an allegory for god; and is under attack by evil forces seeking to destroy it.  The Gunslinger – Roland of Gilead – and a small band of powerful, determined rebels seek to protect it; and will happily die for their cause.  They would rather do so than live in slavery to those seeking to usurp the Tower; a point that be rendered moot if it is in fact destroyed, all but ending life as they have known it.

I’m now 86% done with Book Seven – when reading on my Kindle, this is how I judge how far I’ve gone; and frankly, I’m starting to empathize with Roland and his friends.

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