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The CFTC…What Did You Expect?

by Bill Holter,

Well, after five years of investigation…the CFTC found nothing “actionable” in the silver market. My first thought is that now, apparently the Pope isn’t Catholic and no, bears don’t “sit” in the woods? Nothing actionable huh? Really? Oh I get it; there was nothing “actionable” because if that was their finding there would be no action in any market anywhere by this coming Monday.

As I have written several times before, “what can they say?” What did anyone expect? The CFTC to come out and tell us what we already know… gold, silver and virtually every other market on the planet is rigged.
That more paper silver has been sold than could possibly exist? That 50% of the world’s entire annual silver production was sold at night during the thinnest hours of trading in less than 5 minutes and knocked over $10 off of the price instantaneously? Could they tell us that they pulled the “time and sales” sheets and found that the same sellers dumped paper silver at key junctures to paint the charts and depress the price? Or maybe they just should have come out and announced that since low metals prices are necessary to have low interest rates and a “strong” dollar…we are better off accepting what “is” for the common good of mankind on the entire planet!

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