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The CFTC and the sad joke of “Regulation”

by Pining 4 the Fjords, TF Metals Report:

By now, everyone in the precious metals investing arena has read the confirmation of what we have known for years. On Friday, September 13th 2013, well-known metals trader Andrew Maguire went public with knowledge he had held closely for over a year- that the Commodities Futures Trading Commission had been informed more than a year earlier, by two separate inside whistleblowers directly involved in the operation, that J P Morgan has been deliberately manipulating precious metals markets. The whistleblowers gave the CFTC direct confirmation of these illegal activities, including account numbers in foreign countries, records of transfers of funds, and records of specific trades.

What is particularly telling is that these whistleblowers provided this information to the CFTC more than one year ago, yet the CFTC has seemingly done nothing to either call JPM to account, or to even curtail these activities on the part of J P Morgan.


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1 comment to The CFTC and the sad joke of “Regulation”

  • 8Ball

    Phone calls and letter writing, people have been doing that for decades as the corruption in government continues to grow worse… don’t you realize that this is one their main tactics used to diffuse dissent? It matters little if you have “direct evidence” of whatever, they will just stonewall and ignore you; perhaps worse. You should know better by now.

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