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The Apocalypse Is Upon Us

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

One does not need to be psychic to know that world’s darkest days are right around the corner. There are events which are forming the perfect storm. We face the likely prospect of WWIII in the Middle East. America stands upon the brink of total economic collapse. The mechanisms for a brutal false flag attack have been put into motion and could happen within the next 45 days. The total obliteration of the Constitution is at hand and the legal mechanisms and rules for living in a post-apocalyptic America are clearly in place. On the surface, it appears that America’s fate is sealed.

The central bankers are going to get their war one way or another: The CIA backed Syrian rebels staged a false flag chemical weapons attack last winter on Aleppo. They just staged another chemical weapons attack on Damascus in August. Each attack was designed to falsely blame Syrian leader, Assad, for the attacks and served as a pretext to bring the US into the war and eventually topple Assad. This was to have been followed by having Syria serve as a launching pad from which to invade Iran.

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