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Ted Butler: I Own Silver Because Of The Coming Silver Shortage

By Ted Butler, Gold Silver Worlds:

Ask a hundred different precious metals investors why they hold gold or silver and, while you may not get a hundred different answers, you’ll certainly get more than one. That’s because there are many different reasons why people own precious metals. Among those reasons; protection against inflation, bank or financial system failures, currency turmoil, unsustainable government debt and money supply growth, stock or bond market collapse and perhaps some combination of all these reasons.

While I can understand these reasons and don’t have any real dispute that they may prove to provide the protection desired; all are far removed from the reason I hold and continue to buy silver. I own silver because I feel it will perform better than any other investment I am aware of, including gold.

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4 comments to Ted Butler: I Own Silver Because Of The Coming Silver Shortage

  • Frank Zak

    Ted’s figures are wrong. 207 million oz overproduction
    per Silver Institute and Kitco after all coinage demand.

    Silver inventories are rising fast and so is production
    now and in the future.

    All other PM’s are even and gold is severely underproduced.
    Why wait for 10 years for silver to hit even, when gold
    is underproduced now ?

    • NaySayer

      You believe kitco? I don’t even go over there anymore, they have been taken over by the propagandists and so has the silver “institute”.

      But I see you are still denigrating the metals and pushing real estate like usual.

  • Frank Zak

    Maybe Ted should have bought real estate 25 years ago.

    At his age he may be dead by the time supply demand hit equal
    in silver.

    Why not palladium maple leafs ?

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