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SYRIA: War Of Deception (Ken O’keefe on PressTv)

from Press TV, via TruthTube451 (AKA MrGlasgowTruther):

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6 comments to SYRIA: War Of Deception (Ken O’keefe on PressTv)

  • Paul Prichard (Paper Bear)

    Ken is EPIC, EPIC, EPIC and the other guy is just drivel who didn’t refute the destruction of Iraqi civilian infrastructure.
    Can anyone direct other people to the documentation of the USA’s destruction of Iraqi civilian infrastructure during the 2003 invasion ?

  • Jerry Zimmer

    WOW – Ken’s the man! Going to share this one. So clearly stated so everyone can understand what is really going on. That other guy is clueless.

  • Eric

    You gotta love Ken O’ Keefe. Standing up and speaking the truth. It’s too bad America is consumed by so many “brainwashed idiots” who can’t pull their head out of the sand long enough to get informed, connect the dots, and look at the BIG picture. Or the BIG lie as the Nazis called it. We could use a few million more like him. Always loved the video he did on a rooftop in Palenstine with Max Igan.

  • Upstart

    Ken O’Keefe is outstanding – he is one of the best ‘Truth Tellers’ that we have.

    At c.15mins in, Ken explains in around 40seconds who are the real threats to global peace and security – the 3 states that are behind, or have had a hand in, every major conflict this century – the US, the UK, and Israel.

    I am very concerned that the UK and Israel have slipped off many peoples radar as we get distracted by the US – Russia face off.

    A quick summary of what I wrote in an earlier post:

    The British are continuing to mass significant Naval and air power on and around the island of Cyprus whilst attention has been diverted from them through the mistakenly celebrated ‘Parliament vote’ against backing US led intervention in Syria.

    This has allowed the British to move significant resources and assets without the world watching them.

    Following on from the recent interception of 2 (allegedly Syrian) jets by British fighters (in international airspace no less!) I fully expect to see some sort of ‘incident’ between the British (or Turkish) military – allegely involving hostile action from the Assad ‘Regime’ (notice how they always describe a Government as a regime when they put it in the crosshairs). Such an incident will of course be made to be serious enough to activates a NATO response.

    The British seem to think that because they are hiding thier military build up on and around the island of Cyprus, and that they have convinced people they wont follow the US into Syria, that no one has noticed what they are up to.

    As thier ‘partners in false flags and warcrimes’ – the Israelis – have also gone quiet I suspect they are busy repainting some old Migs (as used by Syria) in fresh and shiny ‘Syrian air force colors’ ready to fly at a either a US or British ship and cause an ‘incident’ (as they tried with the USS Liberty – lest we forget) and activate NATO that way.

    I see what is going on here – whilst everyone is watching the US and Russia face off no one (or very few) are watching the British and Israelis sneak around and start WW3 through some contrived incident.

    What is that famous Israeli moto? Oh yes, ‘By deceit thou shall do war’.

    The USS Liberty for those too young to have been told:

  • Krow!

    Bravo, Bravo, Bravo!!!! to the guy from London with the camo shirt on. Boy, he really laid the truth out perfectly and totally blew away the dumbass from New York.

    Great clip!

  • johns

    I’ll second the BRAVO !!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You Ken.

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