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Steven Greer – Sirius Film, Free Energy, ET’s and Freeing Humanity from the NWO

from Revolutionize TV:

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4 comments to Steven Greer – Sirius Film, Free Energy, ET’s and Freeing Humanity from the NWO

  • Scott Sando

    I’m wary of Steven Greer message that ET is all good. From my own experience of life things aren’t just black or white. To lump all the
    UFO experience into one box is extremely naive.

  • Scott Sando

    I’ve just started watching the film Sirius now (not the video above). It pretty much starts off with Stephen Greer calling Laurence Rockafella a philanthropist, Haha! So who’s take on the Rockafella’s am I going to take seriously? Aaron Russo or Stephen Greer. Its Russo every time!

  • Scott Sando

    I prefer this message about UFO’s and America

  • JPM Hater001

    Thank you for posting this Sean. I’m not shy from looking at controversial things (just as you) and the more I look at the world the more I am convinced the collapse is a cover for disclosure.

    If you’re going to collapse the system anyway, why not. Think road to roota but you have to collapse it all to start fresh with free energy and a greater understanding of our connectedness to consciousness, and it might be the only way to defeat the global money cabal. You have to wage a secret financial war.

    Chris Duane is also right, it will be the largest event in human history. I am not sure we understand just how big it really will be if our thinking isn’t open to every idea. – everyone needs to watch the hearing held at the end of April beginning of May. 32 hours to former members of congress and I highly recommend Richard Dolans evening presentation which can be found on YouTube. Anything Basset, Dolan, Cameron, Greer are must see. Daniel Sheehan is a must. Sheehan is the Forest Gump of US coverup exposure

    Love to have a beer and talk about it if you are free sometime. Peace-

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