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Start the Day with a Laugh…


[Ed. Note: In these trying times, we certainly need it. – MRH]

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3 comments to Start the Day with a Laugh…

  • steelerdude

    Thank you SGT….we realize what is going in the world….what the people dont understand is all the personnel, equipment, ships just sitting over there waiting
    for war….Obama is not just going to say “oh ok….I made a mistake….everyone
    come home”

    there will be a war…but when? you cant keep our military on alert forever…

  • NaySayer

    I don’t think that bi-polar thing is funny.

    If you have ever had the misfortune to be around anybody who is seriously bi-polar then you would know it is a miserable experience. I don’t think the bi-polar person has much fun either, well maybe during the manic phase when they think they are god, do lots of crazy stuff and often have a lot of ill-advised sexual liasons.

  • Charlie

    I for one appreciate the irony of the phrase, for it represents the upside-down reality that the matrix/msm tries to force/impose on humanity on daily basis i.e. FB is good for you, worrying about whom the Kardashians slept with last night is relevant, etc.

    No matter how ridiculous, misleading and absurd the information they spit out is, they want to point us a direction that can only be described as bi-polar thus; the humour of the quote, without disrespecting the seriousness of the mental disorder itself.

    For the record, I lived with a bi-polar woman and just happy it ended, as it is an unpredictable and never-ending drama, so I take this affliction very seriously and don’t wish it on anyone.

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