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Slimeball Barbara Boxer Objects to Ted Cruz’s Resolution to Investigate Benghazi

from MichaelSavage4Prez:

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7 comments to Slimeball Barbara Boxer Objects to Ted Cruz’s Resolution to Investigate Benghazi

  • Rodster

    No surprise but I bet if it were a republican it would be a different story. This is why Empires collapse, it happens from corruption, incompetence and mismanagement.

    • Ed_B

      Of course it would be different if it involved a Repub cover-up. Cretins like Boxer, Feinstein, Reid, Pelosi, ad nauseum never look at WHAT was done, only WHO was involved. If it was one of their crowd, no problem, if it wasn’t, then they will scream their heads off over it. This is so transparent and pathetic that I yearn for the time with this completely s**t-filled government collapses and is replaced by some adults who truly want the best for the USA and not to play a lot of partisan games, screw around, wallow in corruption, and act like idiots. Too bad that there are so few in DC who act like adults.

  • Dennis Wilson

    Boxer objects because she knows that the blood in the water comes from the veins of Hillary Clinton….the sharks will get this venal vindictive woman once and for all and they will get her over Benghazi…they can run but they cannot hide forever. The truth will out though they try to cover it over again and again.

  • Eric

    Could someone lock this bird back up in her cage PLEEEASE?!!!

  • Hoser

    Barbara, The Box, Boxer, wouldn’t have much to say with my Johnson in her mouth!!!

  • johns

    Pretty lame reason boxwwer. Go back to your kennel. A perfect display of the reason why this once great nation is failing around the world.

  • jerry

    Slime ball is putting nicely

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