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Senator Ted Cruz & The Republican Feud Over ObamaCare

from The Lip TV:

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5 comments to Senator Ted Cruz & The Republican Feud Over ObamaCare

  • Hoser

    Fuck the Rino-Republicans. Senator Cruz should break with them. Like Reagan did in the 70’s. At least Cruz listens to his constituents. Unlike the Republican Leadership in both the House and Senate.

  • jonathan

    I can’t stand listening to left wingers talk about how horrible a government shutdown would be. Are these people actually stupid enough to believe the Federal Government isn’t just a fraud run by bankers and corporations. It’s like when they claim that if you take away campaign finance the banksters will stop buying off the congressmen are they retarded?

    • NaySayer

      Still pushing the fake left v. right thing? Really?

      The regular republicans WANT the fake tea party goldman sach’s agent ted Cruz to shut down the goverment, then they try to make things as bad as possible and then can blame everything on the tea party and take control of their party again.

      Once things get bad enough they can trigger the economic collapse blame it on the tea party libertarian types and declare 100% martial law. Wake up and smell the false flag coming.

  • Rodster

    A govt shutdown would be in the best interest of this country. Then we wouldn’t have these corrupt, criminal politicians imposing their will on the people.

  • Suzanne

    I hate these twerps.

    Every time some idiot says “they have to fund the government to keep the government from shutting down!” that is when I say “YES!!! DEFUND the government!”
    I can’t afford my Blue Cross/Blue Shield health insurance NOW because they upped my quarterly premium by $400.
    YES!!! Defund Obamacare!

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