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Senator Graham Says US Could Be Nuked Over Syria

from TheYoungTurks:

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6 comments to Senator Graham Says US Could Be Nuked Over Syria

  • douglas

    I really dislike Obama, but I have to admit that between Obama, McCain & Graham its pretty difficult to decide which one I dislike the most. Let´s call it a three-way tie and toss all three of them in prison for treason.

  • chris

    Goodbye South Carolina… within 4 weeks

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    People from Sth Carolina should get a copy of Graham’s itinerary for the next two months and stick to him like shit to a blanket. He ain’t goin’ to be nowhere near any false flag event.

  • Hoser

    What a Moron. He’s in on the missing nukes. The CIA will pop one off as an October surprize. Our Government is so predictable. The next False Flag needs to go nuclear. I can see it now “Syria sets-off small tactical nuke in SE USA!” We must invade!

    • Jonathan

      As long as Infowars keeps pushing the false flag narrative it will be impossible for them to do a major false flag. Private soldiers may be willing to do these false flags when they”re small like the Boston Bombing but a major chemical, biological or nuclear false flag would send the Union into instant civil war and transvestites like Lindsey Graham would be dragged onto the White House lawn and get a musket ball in between the eyes Thomas Jefferson style. Wouldn’t that be a glorious sight to see. END FASCISM!

  • Jimbo Jones

    *EVERYONE!!!! Let people know. I’m spreading it like wildfire! I’m telling people for the US gov-r-ment to get us into another war, they will need a false flag event as large (or I believe) larger then nine 11. I am telling people about these psy-op future suggestions from Graham and others, and specifically telling them it’s coming. When we are right, it will wake up a lot of people. Let’s just hope it’s not too late by then.

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