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Sen. Lindsey Graham to Congress: ‘Let’s Just Blow Up Iran’

Forget Syria; Lindsey Graham is going straight for Iran.

by Aaron Dykes and Melissa Melton, TruthStream Media:

The Republican Senator from South Carolina announced on Saturday that he is going to officially approach Congress to seek military authorization for a strike on Iran to destroy the nation’s nuclear program.

The Blaze reports:

“Graham, speaking on Gov. Mike Huckabee’s Fox News program, said the move will work to make sure we send ‘a clear signal that this debacle called Syria doesn’t mean we’re confused about Iran.’”

Is this a signal that Iran was the goal of Syrian intervention all along? Senator Graham has been warning that if we don’t bomb Syria, it will lead to war with Iran within six months.

Graham has a long history of warmongering, especially when it comes to Iran. Back in 2010 at an AIPAC meeting, the Senator told the pro-Israel lobby that,

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6 comments to Sen. Lindsey Graham to Congress: ‘Let’s Just Blow Up Iran’

  • Yankee Doodle

    If this idiot loves war so much maybe he ought to put on a helmet and strap a rifle to his shoulder and lead the charge. They say you should lead by example. But then he’s just a c–t full of cold water.

  • steelerdude

    this reminds me of the Patton Doctrine:

  • Hman

    McCain and Graham are two of the ugliest hookers at AIPAC, sucking it up to last drop when it comes to Zionist propaganda in hope for more campaign contributions and Zio media coverage.

  • Rodster

    The guy is a fucking moron. The economy is on the verge of going tits up and this clown wants to start WW3. Who would have thought the Russians and an ex KGB officer made more sense than American politicians?

  • Jeff

    Make these math equations a little easier. I think by now everyone should totally trust in they’re politicians to do the wrong thing. What I am afraid of is some day SGT is going to post the one article thats going to make my head explode all over my IPad.

    This one almost did.

  • Jonny English

    From my view over in England, it appears crystal clear to me that the US Government is a captured entity which represents only big business, the Zionists/Israel Lobby, and the Luciferians intent on introducing the New World Order.

    I have seen little evidence to support the assumption that the 280+ Million ‘ordinary’ citizens of the US have any representation at all in Government.

    The current warmongering coming from US Politicians and the Obama ‘regime’ has confirmed to much of the World that the US (together with the UK, Israel, and Saudi Arabia) is intent on bringing a catastrophe to this Earth in order to further the interests of a few.

    From the people I have spoken to, and from what I have read in the International Press, the consensus around the world is that it is actually the US that needs to be ‘bombed to freedom and democracy’, or bombed for ‘humanitarian reasons’ – not the Syrians, and not the Iranians (and not the Pakistanis, Yemanis, Somalis, Malians, Libyans, Iraquis, Afghanis, and any other nation the US thinks they can destroy without blowback reaching its own soil).

    Hearing psychopaths such as Graham beg for the blood of millions confirms what more people around the world are suspecting each day.

    It is very sad that for much of the World the US is regarded as the ‘bad guy’.

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