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Rick Rule – Precious Metals Are The Place To Be


Rick Rule and I sat down today to discuss the current state of the precious metals markets and more. Rick knows that he’s ideally situated for the next move up and is content to wait for that move. He’s also is extremely bullish on platinum and palladium. As long as the West wants clean air and abhors smog, they will pay whatever it takes to keep their catalytic converters going. The average car has $200 worth of platinum and palladium contained in its converter. If it goes up to $400 or ever $800, auto purchasers will continue to pay the price. And the supplies of the precious metals are not increasing, so future prices are near certain to go up.

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5 comments to Rick Rule – Precious Metals Are The Place To Be

  • andrew james

    Platinum wasn’t discovered by Europeans until 1557. It’s more precious than Gold. Get with it.

    • Jonathan

      Are you sure about that Andrew because gold is a unique metal. Did you know gold is used as a lubricant in space technology. Organic based lubricants like petroleum products are disintegrated by radiation in space. Because of the softness of gold it is put between the gears as a lubricant. On top of that gold blocks radiation if used in glass manufacturing. Anyways as long as were debating the use of precious metals in technology and not just saying gold is money were having a good discussion.

  • Troy

    The place “To be” is in the country, with animals, home paid off, prep list complete…THEN, buy metals!

    • Jonny English


      Yes indeed. Too many people have put all thier hope in the concept that ‘metal will save them’ come the global economic collapse / war.

      As we too over here in England can print money like the Fed, and as our politicians are world class liars who use a world class propaganda machine (the British MSM esp the BBC) to strenghten thier lies, the majority of people in the UK still think that the future is bright and will only get brighter……

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