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Rep. Holt: Time to dismantle the Patriot Act

from RTAmerica:

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5 comments to Rep. Holt: Time to dismantle the Patriot Act

  • hoser

    Congressman Holt is Dead-On! Shack! It’s also time to dismantle the Federal Reserve. Their 100 year charter is up! We need to hear what Congress is going to do about our worthless currency and how it relates to the Constitution!!! Well, we’re waiting….

  • hoser

    Larry Summers? Really? Hears a brilliant idea, let’s make Brookley Brooksley Borne head of the FED. She makes Larry Summers look like Gilligan. Sorry Gilligan, I hate to use your name in the same sentance as Summers.

  • hoser

    To those who don’t know who Brooksley Borne is, Shame on you!

    • Jonathan

      I don’t know who Brooksley Borne is but I’ll look him up. Plus the 100 year charter is completely fake. Their charter is permanent until the people stop voting for the corporate parties which will take a little time.

    • Jonathan

      Got to say HOSER it sounds like she supports the fractional reserve system she just wants to mitigate it’s corrupt dealings. Nothing will happen to your money under this system that wasn’t already happening before Geithner and Summers deregulated. Don’t bring back regulation completely abolish the fractional reserve system it is the only way.

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