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Reality Check: More Americans “Rethinking” 9/11?

from Ben Swann:

Ben Swann Reality Check takes a look at claims by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth about why they say the official story on the collapse of Building 7 is not only untrue, it is not possible. Also, a new poll shows that more and more Americans are now rethinking the official story.

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35 comments to Reality Check: More Americans “Rethinking” 9/11?

  • John

    Another War for Israel — Featuring America’s Newest Allies: al Qaida

    • Jonathan

      Everyone says a war for Israel but Israel was begun and is controlled by the same banksters that control us all in this debt prison we live in. The people of Israel don’t want war anymore than we do. Remember they have to live in the war zone that is being created all around them.

  • Brad

    I have much respect for Ben Swann, but this kind of conspiracy theory stuff is insane and disrespectful. 2,000 engineers is nothing especially since most of them dont know the first thing about structural design, the guy they interview was a mechanical engineer he is in no was qualified to comment on the structural capacity of a 100+ story structure. Im a structural engineer typing this right now in a office building with over 500 engineers, and we have offices in almost every city nation wide with tens of thousands of employees, when then get 10k or 100k supports ill take it more serious, until then its just a bunch of people with too much time on their hands.

    • Army4Ever

      My First Sergeant was in the Pentagon when it all happened. He told our company that explosions went off inside first and there was a strong smell of cordite, then something hit the outside. When he and others responded to help, they couldn’t find any bodies, luggage, or plane debris. What they did find was a 12′ (approx.) hole leading to the outside. The walls didn’t collapse until approximately 30 min later. He said they were given the official story and told not to speak about what they witnessed.

      Another thing. Where did you get your education Brad? I ask because your grammar and punctuation is piss poor and flows like that of a foreigner or robot.

    • Brian

      So you believe that office fires caused a complete failure of building 7?

    • Troy

      Brad, you must work for the government.

      • Brad

        Actually building 7 was a combination of massive damage to the side of the building nearest Towers 1 & 2 caused when the towers fell and damaging part of building 7s support structure along with fires, be it office furniture, diesel fuel or w/e was burning it doesnt matter. You dont need to melt steel for it to fail, just heat it a few hundred degrees and it looses the majority of its strength. It all has to do with how the atoms line up at a molecular level and form a crystalline lattice structure, i would explain it further but im not a professor and i dont have several months of free time to teach it.

        @Army4ever, i started my education at a public grade school, received my BSCE at a private university and got my masters at a state college, my focus was on seismic loading…aka i studied how to designed steel and steel reinforced concrete structures that are resistant to vertical and lateral loads applied by a earthquake. So no im not a robot nor am i a gov employee. If my grammer is lacking its because im and engineer, not a English major and its a internet forum, not a technical report to a client.

        @Slvrizgold, i dont trust the gov anymore than most of the people on this website. I just think its a shame how much time, open minded free thinking people like yourself waste on stupid conspiracies like this. You could be out doing actually productive things.

        For those of you who do truely think 911 was a conspiracy do yourself a favor and find some unbiased info from multiple sources (avoid any youtube videos made by 15 yearr old kids) just be truely opened minded and look at it from BOTH points of view. Google 911 debunked and read up on all of the work people have done to disprove the conspiracy theories.

        • Jonathan

          Not only are you a moron Brad but you’re a loser. Explain how the trillion dollars went missing from the Pentagon and all the evidence was conveniently destroyed by the plane. On top of that they dismantled a Indiana limestone wall on the west side of the building put up a steel frame wall then after the plane hit the Pentagon and destroyed all the servers they put back up the limestone wall. If that doesn’t sound suspicious to you then you are beyond retarded.

        • Slvrizgold

          Brad, you are a tool. It makes me sick hearing you try to tell everyone that all you have to do is heat up steel a few hundred degrees and buildings will fall. And then you try to pass yourself off as a structural engineer. Why have no other steel framed buildings in the world ever fallen due to fire except the 3 on 911??? (WTC 1,2,7) Ever seen all the skyscrapers that burned all the way down to the steel skeleton? I say you are getting paid your salary FROM MY TAX MONEY. Calling you out! What happens when I bake cookies and turn my oven up several hundred degrees? Doesn’t it affect the lattice structure of the molecules. LMAO at you troll.

          • Brad

            Well last time i baked cookies my oven was at 300deg, not 500-1000+, also my oven wasent supporting 20 floors lol. And i work for a private firm, not the gov.

            @Jonathan, never heard about the dismantled limestone wall thing, will look that up.

            • NaySayer

              Brad might work for a “private” firm but if they get all government contracts then I am sure they have a few shills on the payroll to put out the government propaganda line on the internet.

              9/11 was nothing more than the NWO bankster/Corporate/Political class criminals making their final move towards global domination. The erosion of our rights and the rise of horrific criminality since then has been the real indicator of what these psychos are willing to do to get total control over this planet.

              • Brad

                haha, i work for a ENGINEERING FIRM, not a gov propaganda agency, the last time i checked we had no interest in anything that happened on 911. About 90% of our work we do is for the private sector, the other 10% is for gov and its typically bridges or stadiums.

                With that being said i can only dream of having someone pay me to debate people on the internet, at least it wouldnt take up my free time, haha.

    • Jonathan

      Brad you’re a moron. Do some research and stop embarrassing yourself.

    • Jonathan

      Also for a many years before Bush got into office Clinton put sanctions on Iraq to demolish that country then conveniently 9/11 happens and they have a reason to go into Iraq. Anyone who spends 10 minutes researching military strategies knows what Clinton did is called PREPARING THE BATTLEFIELD. If you did research you would know what you’re talking about.

      • Brad

        Well surprisingly to an extent i do agree with you on the whole Iraq thing. I think our gov took a terrible and tragic even and ran with it, using it as an excuse to invade Iraq and Afghanistan. Without 911 they never would have been able to justify what they did. However, that doesnt mean that the attacks were a inside job, it just means our unethical leaders played our emotions in a time of tragedy to flex their military muscle and reinforce world dominance. To say that that our leaders launched a fake terrorist attack killing thousands of people is ridiculous.

    • SGT

      Brad, if you’re a real person and not a sock puppet, and if you care at all about pursuing the truth of the matter (which I don’t think you do), please read this document and then offer your detailed rebuttal, here.

      Collateral Damage: U.S. Covert Operations and the Terrorist Attacks onSeptember 11, 2001

      • Brad

        I am a real person, in fact you did a video during the Greece bailout and one of the questions you ask the guy was from me, if im not real then that question was created by a sock puppet 🙂

        Thats a interesting and LONG article. As far as what really happened behind the scenes on 911 I dont know and I’m NOT qualified to say, i dont know anymore than what can be read on the internet in articles just like that one, which may or may not be credible.

        But I AM qualified to comment on the structural capacity of the buildings we were discussing and I am 100% certain that no explosives were needed to bring any of those buildings down. Was there top secret documents in those buildings? maybe. Was there a secret motive behind 911? maybe. was it all planned/funded by our government? maybe. Were explosives used? NO! did those fires weaken the steel? YES!

        It bothers me when people claim to be experts in a field they know nothing about. Im sure people making these websites and videos all have good intentions but dont pretend to be an expert in something you arent and taking HIGH SCHOOL PHYSICS doesn’t make you an engineer. I’ve spent over half a decade in college, many years as a practicing engineer and many more years studying to take and pass my professional engineering exam, which by the laws of this nation states im qualified to analyses and design large steel and concrete structures.

        • Jonathan

          Maybe Brad but you’re also gullible enough to believe any theory a credited engineer tells you to believe because you’re part of the club and you feel you are elite. Many of the engineers in the A’s and E’s for 9/11 Truth are just as accredited as you are if not more. Stop looking your nose down at everybody and realize there are people just as smart as you who know you’re wrong.

          • Brad

            Im not looking down on you, I’m just stating the honest fact that 99% of the people who claim to be 911 experts are in no way qualified to perform the scientific analysis that they are doing.

            Would you let a bricklayer do heart surgery? No
            Would you let a mcdonalds burger flipper do your taxes? No
            Would you let a farmer design a space ship? No
            Would you let a clothing fashion designer build a bridge? No

            So why are we letting these same type of people decide the structural capacity and determine why the towers failed?

            Also be weary of false experts, in one video i saw someone who had the title of Dr, at first its like oh wow, shes a Dr she must be smart! Then on a debunking site i found out her title was for a doctorate in French Literature…funny how the creator of the video left that detail out. And then there was the MECHANICAL Engineer who was talking about free fall of the twin towers, sure hes a Engineer, but he probably doesnt know the first thing about designing a building just like i couldn’t design a internal combustion engine.

    • Jonathan

      Hey Brad I’ll bet you tell your friends “don’t worry it’s safe to inject your child with mercury but if you’re and adult don’t drink water with mercury in it, that’s not safe.” I’ll bet you also tell people “the radiation from body scanners doesn’t cause cancer but that sun in the sky is dangerous it does cause cancer, watch out.”

  • Slvrizgold

    Brad, you’re a fucking liar. You work in a Govt Fusion Center and there are 500 other worthless sacks of shit sitting in cubicles typing away and spreading the propaganda. NOBODY BELIEVES THE 911 FABLES ANYMORE. Troll away asshole. Just remember your trolling work supports the liars, cheats, thieves, and murderers…

    • Jonathan

      Nicely said Slvrizgold. Why on earth do government employees like Brad waste their time when you can watch videos of people at the scene of the twin towers talking about the explosions going off?

  • Nursey1

    Other than the REAL heroes ( firemen, police, first responders, real heroes), I’m sorry, but I’m tired of hearing the people who died in their office bldngs ( twin towers, Pentagon) refered to as “heroes”. That would make every person (civilian) who died in a war, any war, a hero…. I grieve the deaths as a sad, sad commentary on what we here in America have come to (conspiracy or not).
    HERO [plural he·roes; he·ros.]
    1. a man (or woman) of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his/her brave deeds and noble qualities.
    2. a person who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal: He was a local hero when he saved the drowning child.
    3. the principal male/female character in a story, play, film, etc.

  • rich

    Henry A. Giroux | Intellectuals as Subjects and Objects of Violence

    Though it is a matter of public record that the US government has killed children through drone strikes in Afghanistan, lied about the reasons that led to the Iraqi war (reproducing a similar refrain for threatening to bomb Syria), refused to prosecute government officials and CIA operatives who openly admitted they either supported or committed torture in Iraq and Afghanistan, the American public barely flinches when brave whistle-blowers are imprisoned, subjected to solitary confinement and labeled as traitors for exposing the crimes of their government. After 30 years of a market-driven immorality, political corruption and a culture of cruelty and irresponsibility, the American public appears lifeless as it moves through a fog of civic illiteracy and unchecked greed and power. All the while, too many Americans appear to be on life support, drowning in a tidal wave of a celebrity-driven commodified culture that makes stupidity a virtue, rewards armies of quasi-intellectuals who parade through the major news channels and talk shows while unabashedly renouncing all connections to civic courage and truth telling, and refuses to make the titans of finance and government accountable for their crimes. As state and corporate terrorism proliferate, the quasi-intellectuals raise their voices and deliver their scripted slogans only to condemn those brave enough to expose the abuses of a government and corporate elites that undermine all vestiges of a democracy.

    We have too many anti-public intellectuals or quasi-intellectuals who no longer believe in the intellectual vocation, truth telling, or the practice of freedom. What is new is not the repression of dissent by the government, but the scope and extent to which various types of intellectuals have been seduced by academia, corporations, the military-industrial-
    surveillance complex and the mass-culture industries. They have been absorbed into what C. Wright Mills called the power elite, and rather than criticize governmental and corporate propaganda, they produce and normalize it.[11] All one has to do is follow the career of academics such as David Steiner, Nathan Glazer, John Campbell, Glenn Hubbard or Martin Feldstein. Or for that matter the number of college presidents such as Ruth Simmons, one-time President of Brown University, and Debora Spar, president of Bernard College, both of whom sat on the board of directors of Goldman Sachs. There are also the examples of Susan Hockfoeld, the president of MIT who sat on the board of General Electric, and Carol Christ, the president of Smith College, who graced the board of Merrill Lynch with her presence. As Charles Ferguson points out in Predator Nation, this reads like a board of academic shame.[12] One has to wonder how such powerful academics shaped or stifled the culture of questioning and dissent on their own campuses, especially when it might have been aimed at the types of institutions from which they derived their salaries and helped to legitimate as corporate models of leadership. Walt Disney, the ultimate self-promoter and cheerleader for the free market would be turning over in his grave with envy in the face of this type of hubris.

  • hal

    lmao like you need to be an engineer or intellectual to see that explosives were used or that official story is a lie….hardly even worth commenting on lol.

    • Brad

      Yeah, but it sure does help. Most people think all large buildings are designed the same, they arent! Its frustrating when some “expect” shows a picture of a large office building that had a massive fire and says “see this building didnt collapse, why would building 7 !?” well for starters that building was made of steel reinforced concrete and building 7 was made of steel you idiot!

      But hey, at least no one has mentioned Aliens or lasers…yet…

      • Jonathan

        Brad you loser there are multiple videos showing people explaining the explosives that went off. They were at the scene. Were you? You probably were with you tongue up Bush’s ass while he shouted into the blow horn.

      • Jonathan

        Hey Brad one aspect of science is recreating the results of your theory. If you can name one other building that fell apart and collapsed to the ground at free fall speed I’d love to hear it. Go back to licking Bush’s ass and leave the intelligent conversations to the adults.

        • Brad

          First off the cuss words make you seem like a immature teenager. Were you even old enough to remember 911?

          ok so first off….

          They didn’t fall at free fall speed.

          The twin towers and bld 7 had different structures that a traditional steel framed building, its like comparing apples and oranges.

          As a engineer i design for a lot of things, snow loads, wind loads, earth quakes, etc… full loaded jumbo jets traveling at 500+ mph is not something design for, not is having another building fall onto our building.

          Can you name a building that had an entire side and about 1/4 of its interior removed and then caught on fire? Only one i know of is blding 7, people always show pics of the undamaged side of blding 7, if you see a pic of the side closest to the twin owers you will say “how is the heck is that still standing!”

          Alot of the buildings references as examples of large steel framed buildings that caught on fire and didnt collapse are actually reinforced concrete buildings. This is a perfect example of someone claiming to be an expert in a field they are not, they find pictures of a building on fire and say “See this blding didnt collapse!” and the avg joe reading goes “wow this is a conspiracy” meanwhile the engineers are scratching their head say “wtf, that blding isnt even made of steel!”

          Also, there is always a first time for everything. Just because it never happened before doesnt mean its impossible. As a engineer we have codes to follow which require us to meet a certain fire rating, basically a certain amount of degrees for so many hours, part of the way we do this is by installing protection such as insulation on the beams and girder, fire suppression systems, encasing key supports in concrete, etc… if some of that protection is damaged the building is no longer able to withstand the fire. It is believed that the fire suppression on building 7 wasent working, also any insulation of metal was probably damaged by the towers hitting it. Plus our fire codes now are much higher than when those buildings were designed, partly in response to the event.

          • Jonathan

            First of all Brad if you don’t research theories on what type of strategies people in power use to manipulate the public don’t offer your opinions on them. The fact that you keep saying conspiracy theories exposes you for the paid troll that you are. Most who research this subject don’t call them conspiracy theories. You may be real and living in the clouds but in the real world powerful people develop strategies and keep them secret and when they know they’re above the law they do devious stuff. I know you’re blown away that someone who desires power would do something devious or even evil. In your brainwashed fantasy world Obama doesn’t want to kill innocents with drones he does it because he loves them. Wake up loser.

            • Brad

              Im sure there are things that went on behind the scenes of 911 that were very shady, most of which we will probably never know about. Plus even the “ethical and patriotic” people want to cover some things up, like that many politicians and military leaders ignored the warning signs of 911, if they act like 911 was a surprise they keep their jobs, if people find out that they had been warned about the attacks and they ignored it they could prob be thrown in jail!

              So no i dont 100% buy into the official gov story of 911, however when you get into theories, more specifically conspiracy theories of controlled demolition, missiles fired from passenger planes, missiles with holograms to look like planes, secret military weapons,lasers, aliens, claims that planes never actually hit the towers or the pentagon even though there are literally THOUSANDS of eye witnesses, claims that no one actually died on 911, it was all faked.

              Those stories are made by crack heads and people desperate for attention. It baffles me how someone will trust a random youtube video made by a 15 year old kid who spends way to much time in the basement on his computer while jacked up on mt dew and Doritos.

              But when a professional organization like ASCE or NIST puts together a report its obviously fake and a cover up.

              Does 911 really need to be more complicated than it already is?
              Does it have to require rigged explosives, secret technology and organizations?

              Why cant it just be that a group of opium smoking, America hating, religious fanatics who live in caves in no mans land of a a$$backwards country attacked us when our guard was down?

      • Jonathan

        Hey Brad what firm are you trolling for again? Was that Booz Allen or the Chertoff Group?

  • hatch381

    Brad…I’m absolutely confused about your comments. You’re totally uninformed about the facts of our government. Are you familiar with Operation Northwoods?

    • Brad

      Northwoods was some sort of plan back in the 60s or 70s for a false flag attack that was similar to what happened on 911. Im not terribly familiar with it as im not big on conspiracies. As ive stated above i dont trust my gov any more than other people on this site, in fact i hate big gov. But at the end of the day i think my time, and everyone else time is better spent focusing on something other than 911 conspiracy theories. For example i am pro second amendment and have opened the eyes of many friends, co-works and family to the joys of shooting and how guns are not evil and to vote against politicians who want to take away our 2nd amend rights. I feel that is more beneficial than spending my nights in a dark room in front of my computer screen, traveling deeper into the “rabbit hole” and coming up with crack pot theories about alien attacking the twin towers with lasers…but its your life and your time you cna do what you want with it.

  • jerry

    Way to go Brad ….thanks for firing up the crowd …please visit often, I love reading the comments almost as much as the info

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