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Professor Richard Dawkins: we are winning the war against religion

Atheists are winning the war against religion, Richard Dawkins, the author of The God Delusion has said.

by Alice Philipson, The Telegraph:

Professor Dawkins said it was now possible to go to a dinner party and assume no one was religious.

“I think on the whole we are winning,” he told The Times. “We are all moving in the same direction. I get the feeling more and more that religion is being left behind.”

“You do not have to be reticent in what you say. You do not have to look around and say, ‘I hope I am not offending anyone’. You can pretty much speak your mind now in a way that you could not 50 years ago.”

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17 comments to Professor Richard Dawkins: we are winning the war against religion

  • Sergio of the Jungle

    Thank God for that!

  • Tim

    Why do atheists, like Dawkins, spend so much time fighting something they don’t believe exists?

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      Because religious zealots won’t keep their faith to themselves. Build yourself an alter and pray to your god just like the ancient Greeks etc but isn’t it time you buggers just let the rest of us alone. Look at all your mayhem that you are enacting in the name of your ever merciful god thingy you believe makes you a better person because you are fighting for him. I couldn’t give a shit rolled in sugar about your beliefs but you guys seem to be all overly concerned about my disbelief. Piss off for a change.

      • Tim

        Well, Sergio, it seems that you lump all Christians into the same category. I am a Christian, but I cannot make you believe anything against your will. Nor would I try. Only God can change your heart and give you faith to believe His Word. I cannot. It is God who saves. The problem with many evangelical Christians today is that they don’t understand that they cannot cause another person to believe. They think that if they can get another person to do something, that they’ll be saved. That is false. Human faith does not save. Saving faith is the result of God’s grace, and man has nothing to do with it.

        As for the “mayhem” that Christians are “enacting”, I’m really not sure what you mean.

        • Sergio of the Jungle

          Tim, that’s all Greek to me. Glad I wasn’t born in Greece; can’t seem to understand a word of it. As for christian “enacting”., I guess that was a poor choice of adjective. What I should have said was;”perpetrating” or encouraging. There aren’t too many atheists in a firefight and plenty of padres over there handing out their prayers for a good win for god and country. Man, history is riddled with religious carnage. Inquisition much?

          • GoodOleBoy

            You seem to have some sort of spite towards Christians. What you choose to believe is yours and yours alone bu your are comparing a Christian sharing their faith to some sort of attack. The Christian faith, by its very nature, leads one to share that faith with others, especially non believers. Expressing the views you have in some areas of the world where radical Islam is present would cost you your life. So would Christian views for that matter.

            I am not a Christian in the normal sense. I accept all religions that espouse the ideas of non violence. Maniacs of all faiths and denominations have and can be manipulated into doing bad or evil things in the name of God. Why single out just one? Personally, I believe in creative design to the universe and I believe i can back that up with science. That very principle is one that our nation here was founded on and is accepted by most people throughout the world, so regardless of what this gentelman says faith isn’t going anywhere.

            God aside, I think to deny spirituality is to deny part of your humanity. Sure it can be irrational or illogical at times but that is its nature. Trying to use science to prove or disprove God is useless because science is constantly changing. The name in this article uses an example of people believing man existed with dinosaurs to showcase these “radical beliefs.” Actually, there is plenty of evidence to show man has existed for millions of years and might have existed with dinosaurs. These are facts where the creation story and God are irrelevant. I believe man existed way before the proposed time of Adam and Eve. The Bible itself even supports the idea that humans existed prior to their creation. That coupled with Egypt being over twice as old as previously thought turns history on its head and the commonly accepted ideas of human evolution. The Evolutionary Theory, as it applies to humans, has been proved wrong and its history is scattered with people falsifying evidence and stretching truths to make it work. Change a few dates around and the entire thing crumbles.

            If your are an atheist, that’s fine and I believe adds diversity to our society. But attacking others for advancing their faith is hypocritical. Most atheists do the same thing by attacking “believers” as irrational, ignorant, and “blind to science.” Many see a future earth that is absent any kind of faith and will be a better place for it. How is that different from the beliefs of everyone else?

            • NaySayer

              This was supposed to be a country founded on equality but that is a big load of crap. we had slavery and no rights for women although we still had to pay taxes. Somehow taxation without representation is fightin’ words to a guy but we were supposed to be okay with it.

              Another example of this prejudice is that Christians got all their way over other religions when this country was founded and now that they are having to compete with other religions (or people who don’t want ANY religion smashed down on them) they whine that they are being “persecuted”. NO, you aren’t being persecuted or put down.

              You just aren’t getting super preferential treatment anymore like every other religion has had to put up with and boy do you hate being treated equally and having to compete. I sometimes think christians don’t really believe what they claim or they wouldn’t be so harsh on trying to get big government to force their agenda on everybody. If your religion is sooooo great, then people would want it without being forced to have it shoved in their face all the time.

      • Jonathan

        Comparing the followers of the Prince of Peace to the crazy Christians who want to throw people in jail for cannabis because Jesus talks to them is like comparing the average Muslim to Al Queda. Your view of Christians is ignorant and bigoted SERGIO.

  • God is Alive

    God is real. God is alive. Science has proven it. “Cymatics”, listen to Dr. Stephen Meyers on the DNA helix, or research the “double slat experiment” that demonstrates light knowns when we are observing it’s behavior. If atoms are made of mostly empty space then why does anything take on the form of a solid? Look up Protein Laminin…..the signs are everywhere. I agree with Dawkins in one sense. Man made religion has caused much confusion in the world. Is that God’s fault? When Jesus was walking the Earth he warned us, by using the Pharisees as demonstration, not to take the doctrine (religion) of men as the commandments of God. This is exactly what man has done once again. They have perverted the teachings of the Bible and taught them as truth to men. Look things up for yourselves….we are all responsible for our own destiny. Start with the 10 Commandments and how to fulfill them. For I ask you, Dawkins, or anyone; would you rather live next to someone who is trying to live by the 10 Commandments or one who is trying to break them?

  • Jonathan

    Thanks for posting this article SGT. Richard Dawkins is one of the biggest losers claiming to be a scientist today. This guy compares the pure consciousness that designed the laws of the universe to a spaghetti monster. Someone should throw manure in this guy’s mouth actually I think that would be impossible because his mouth is already full of it.

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      Very christian of you, brother. Why do you guys always want to beat somebody up because they disagree with you?

      • Finn

        Well Sergio at least it was a mouth full of shite and not burning in hell forever and ever and ever with the “devil” committing all kinds of atrocities to his body. Amen (Ra).

        God is love, Prince of Peace, blah, blah, blah. Man, whenever I talk to anyone about God or religion or the bible I usually end up getting yelled at or threatened with hell fire. I actually sometimes feel physically threatened.

        When men gather together they start to control information in order to influence others. Whatever God is or isn’t to me is different than the religion conversation. RELIGION PRODUCES QUACKS!

        • Jonathan

          To both Finn and Sergio, Jesus was a rebel against oppression. He never said he was the one son of God, he said we were all sons and daughters of God. He never wrote a book and told anyone to worship him, he washed the feet of the poor. Just because many people have perverted his message don’t blame him. Jesus was a bad ass. He went into the temple and whipped the money changers. Do you have the balls to do that today?

  • Jonathan

    The only people who actually believe in Atheism today are the most ignorant people who spend no time assessing the world around them and how it came into existence. I’m glad ignorant people are joining the side of Richard Dawkins they suit each other very well.

    • Sergio of the Jungle

      Your tolerance runs 1 mile wide but 1/4 inch deep. I wanna be saved!

      • Jonathan

        You’re assuming I believe in Evangelism or being saved by Jesus. Jesus was a man like you and me who wanted to open our eyes to the fact that organized religion was taking advantage of the poor. I don’t criticize Atheist for not worshiping God, I criticize them for not using their brains and looking at the world in a logical fashion because if they did they would see the laws of the universe were set in stone so that the universe could develop into a place where life could develop then expand throughout the universe The purpose of the universe is life.



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