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Private VS Public (Crony) Sector

by Kelly Diamond, Global Wealth Protection:

The claims against the private sector are horrendous. Not because the private sector isn’t culpable for its own misconduct, but rather what constitutes “private sector” in the eyes of a dyed in the wool socialist.

Simply having a registered corporate name, and not having a “.gov” as the suffix of your website isn’t enough to say the organization is “private”.

Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Halliburton are all “private” companies. So is the Federal Reserve. But please do not expect me to even entertain the notion that corporations whose ONLY client is the government are actually PRIVATE.

Here is a simple litmus test for whether a company is private or fascistic: would the company still exist if the government was no longer there as a client? Can the company sustain itself on the revenues generated by private citizens or other non-government businesses?

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