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Perfect Storm for Platinum and Palladium

Better than Silver and Gold

by Jimmy Mengel, Outsider Club:

Don’t get me wrong; I like gold.

And I love silver.

But right now, there are two metals that look more attractive than both of these more “conventional” precious metals…

The platinum group metals (PGMs) are the smallest of all the precious metals markets — so small, in fact, that many people don’t even consider platinum and palladium when they invest in precious metals. PGMs are “hidden metals” used in the automobile, electronics, dental, and chemical industries.

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1 comment to Perfect Storm for Platinum and Palladium

  • Frank Zak

    Palladium is worth as much or more
    than platinum. Its the best bet. There
    is also a cold fusion play in it which
    is now being verified as having been true
    by the U.S. Gov. and hidden due to its antigravity
    connection mathematically

    Palladium maple leafs are $50 between buy and
    sell at your local coin shop.

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