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Out of This World

by Andy Hoffman,

I have long been a devoted “Trekkie”; not so much regarding the original series – although I have a great deal of respect for it – but two of the four television “sequels.”  I could never get in to Deep Space Nine or the lesser known, and newest of the four – Enterprise.  However, I rank The Next Generation and Voyager as two of the best written, acted, and produced shows I have ever watched; and to this day, watch reruns despite having seen each episode multiple times.  And that’s a LOT of episodes, as “TNG” filmed 176, and Voyager 168!

Regarding the latter, I always thought its name was simply made up to reflect the show’s theme; i.e., a voyage to space’s outer reaches.  However, given the typical brilliance of Star Trek writers, I should have known better; and only today did I realize the title’s genesis.  Sure, I should have remembered the NASA satellite Voyager I being launched in 1977; and certainly when it flew by Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in 1979, 1980, 1986, and 1989, respectively.  It never met up with Pluto, but remember that at the time, Pluto was NOT the most distant planet (heck, it’s not even categorized as a planet anymore). 

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