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Opposition to Syria War Goes All the Way to the Pentagon

[Ed. Note: Look closely at that image. This is not a “rank and file” soldier, this is an officer. Any active/former military if you could please identify the exact position of this person it would be appreciated. MRH]

by George, Washington’s Blog:

Many current and former military officers are highly skeptical of any military engagement with Syria.

They are speaking out in interviews, in photos, and in conversations with politicians.

And the doubts go all the way up to the Pentagon.

Professor Jonathan Turley has been ranked as one of the top 10 lawyers handling military cases, has a frequent witness before the House and Senate,  was found to be the second most cited law professor in the country, is a member of the USA Today board of contributors, and has worked as the CBS and NBC legal analyst, respectively, during national controversies.

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6 comments to Opposition to Syria War Goes All the Way to the Pentagon

  • Not just an Officer
    It’s a Petty Officer
    and not just a Petty Officer
    It’s a Chief Petty Officer

    Everyone knows you don’t mess with the Chief PO

  • Liberty USMC

    Navy Master Chief Petty Officer E8 (Enlisted)

  • He’s not an officer. Although he is enlisted, is a highly regarded Gunner’s Mate Chief Petty Officer with over 20 years of good conduct. He took a big risk allowing the photo to be distributed. I hope he’s able to keep his identity secret.

    • Brian

      I think it would be fairly easy to identify the CPO in the picture. He should have covered up more of his ribbons. How many surface warfare qualified gunners mate CPO’s with 12+ years of good conduct who wear glasses and have that exact configuration of ribbons can there be?

  • MRH

    Thank you, each and everyone, for the clarification. If you served, THANK YOU for defending the Constitution. May you never have to do it again; although…

  • AK

    Can you imagine if the commanders of the naval fleet off the coast of Syria refused to follow orders to proceed with strikes against Syria because they know that the vast majority of Americans are against another unlawful war and because they realize that what they are doing constitutes war crimes under international law? I know there are high ranking commanding officers out there who have serious doubts about this and understand how quickly this conflict could get out of control and even morph into a world war.

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