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Old Nuclear Plants? No Problem, Just Extend The License

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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  • glitter 1

    The greatest single threat to Nuclear Safety is Deregulation,because it shifts focus from the Enginneers operating the Reactors to the Managers.From respect for the Technology to the Profit Motive/Capacity Factor.An analogy I would point to is when the Space Shuttle Program was turned over to the managers(Bean Counters) from the engineers.The program was placed on an operating schedule for profit as opposed to being controlled by the engineers and technical safety/caution focus.We all saw what happened with the two catasrophic failures.

    The Utilities running a Nuclear Fleet believe they have adequate safety barriers in place to control the techincal issues and hazards.I believe it is a gamble due to the politics associated with the Profit Motive.I have seen it first hand.The Profit Motive has a chilling effect on “Push Back” when it comes to conservative decision making processes,which means the difference between keeping the plant running to maintain capacity factor or shutting down and not generating revenue.Careers are made and broken based on this fine line of decision making.

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