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Ohio State Gets Armored Fighting Vehicle: “Specifically Designed for Asymmetric Warfare”

from Mac Slavo, SHTFPlan:

If we’re not living in a militarized police state, then please explain what Ohio State University could possibly need with one of these:

The Ohio State University Department of Public Safety has acquired an armored military vehicle that looks like it belongs in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Gary Lewis, a senior director of media relations at OSU, told The Daily Caller via email that the “unique, special-purpose vehicle is a replacement” for the “police fleet.” He called the armored jalopy “an all-hazard, all-purpose, public safety-response vehicle” with “obviously enhanced capabilities.”

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2 comments to Ohio State Gets Armored Fighting Vehicle: “Specifically Designed for Asymmetric Warfare”

  • dave

    hmmm,if they turn these armored units loose on the American people(like we keep hearing about), might be blast proof, but bet it still melts, always thought thermite was neat stuff, might have new motivation to learn more about the stuff, also heard them trucks are REAL tipsy,-food for thought, LOL

  • NaySayer

    I went over the their website and left them an email to some public safety vice dean/president or whatever that I do not support their univ. and I will never support them in any way. Furthermore if I ever hear of anybody wanting to go there I will tell them not to because they are so afraid of their students in some weird orwellian delusion that they have to buy a tank.

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