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Obama LOST His Citizenship By Not Registering For Selective Service

by George Spelvin,

The matador’s bright red cape and his agile moves to anger and tire the animal are the outstanding metaphor used by Attorney W. L. Albert. Moore, Jr., who is bringing an Amicus Curiae in support of lead appellant L. Dean Johnson in the request for an Alabama Supreme Court oral argument in yet another case dismissed by lower courts in the Barack Obama eligibility saga.

Moore ( no relation to Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore) is a nationally certified fraud attorney who has a completely new angle on the American political nightmare that just will not die. Moore told CiR in a very lengthy phone interview on September 3 that the real issue is not the eligibility clause (2-1-5, US Constitution), but the fact that Obama would not or did not register for Selective Service, thereby signifying his LOSS of US CITIZENSHIP! The issue is not Obama’s status at birth–Obama probably is an NBC–but rather, his abrogation of US CITIZENSHIP, Moore said.

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1 comment to Obama LOST His Citizenship By Not Registering For Selective Service

  • Dredd

    This one was really funny. If you analyze the Selective Service Docs provided. Pay particular attention to the USPS date stamp and style. Then compare to examples of same Branch, time frame etc. it is an obvious fraud. Hahaha

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