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Obama False Flag: Nuclear Weapons Transfer To East Coast & the End of America

from Jason A:

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25 comments to Obama False Flag: Nuclear Weapons Transfer To East Coast & the End of America

  • Eric

    Well, it was nice knowing you guys.

  • Harvey Wallbanger

    This could very well be it, I hope everyone has their preps in order by now. Back in the 1980’s I was very interested in a movement called “the Kansas city prophets” and have a poor quality video tape recorded in 1988 of an interview of one of their major prophets JP Jackson regarding what was in store for the USA. I dust it off and play it every couple of years to see how much of what was presented has come to pass and it does look like we are in the end game. He predicted a black president and also said that Reagan was set up and framed and that from that point on a take over by an evil corrupt group would take place. He also predicted an economic crisis of gigantic proportions and a nuke going off in the USA but that it planned and done from within. One of his biggest errors has been that he actually gave approximate dates for these events to have transpired and they have been incorrect since it should have already taken place years ago. The general trend for his prophecies has been accurate only the timing is contentious and probably so that it is dismissed as being totally false.

  • Ray G

    does anyone have any links or more info about that caller in the first clips accusations about the ship solders in to be exterminated? first i’ve heard of this…. i and can’t find. sean? anyone?

    • Upstart


      This was first speculated many years ago, during the latter parts of the Cold War, if not before.

      If my memory serves me –

      1)There would be a major war (unpecified region but assumed to be in the Middle East) in which the US would be ‘drawn into’ (make of ‘drawn into’ as you wish – ie Direct attack on US assets/false flag/NATO call/Israel defence/etc). The nations Iran, Syria, Israel, and Russia were mentioned, and of course the US would be portrayed as being ‘the good guy’ in this.

      2)Massive US capital ship losses – including carriers, from advanced Soviet (now Russian) hypersonic ASMs and other advanced ‘smart’ missiles (Fleet in Gulf/Indian Ocean and second Fleet in Med?) which the US could not defend against. Subs also destroyed by sea bed and underwater nuclear weapons / advanced ASW weapons.

      3)US air force in main theatre either destroyed on the ground by hostile nations Special Forces action and/or massive weight of fire from MANPADS used by local forces (insurgents/turncoats/Al-Quida?). There was also mention of the use of nuclear tipped ‘area denial’ ASM’s capable of downing high altitude long range bombers and their payloads.
      Note – the use of MANPADS has been conspicuously absent in both Iraq and Afghanistan – are they being stockpiled for use at a particular time?).

      4) US Ground troops throughout theatre (Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan?) now cut off from resupply and without air-support.
      Fortified and dug in Ground forces hold out for a while but are slowly worn down and destroyed by hostile forces laying seige. Remote bases and mobile forces forces picked off by local hostile forces.

      5) Naval and air Reinforcements sent to main theatre intercepted and engaged – potential for further nuclear weapons use at this stage.

      6) EMP over US – grid down and social disorder.

      7) Forces remaining on US soil for defence of bases and borders attacked with advanced missiles/munitions (possibly tactical sized nukes) brought inside the US through open borders (drug smuggling routes / by Black Ops flights / or direct transfer of US weapons by ‘rogue’ elements within the military / inteligence / civil government).

      8)US ships and assets in other regions ‘engaged’ (by forces unknown) and thus unable to offer support either in theatre or at home.

      9) Hostile nations (Iran? Syria? Pakistan? North Korea? China?) nutralised through the use of the US nuclear deterant and wider NATO response.

      10) DHS and other civil agencies (will become the ‘National Civil Defence Force’) take charge of the US and a new Government for much of the US and North America.
      Note – The UK (who are a key player in this – they currently have a large ‘Naval Task Force’ which includes landing ships, marines, and at least 1 nuclear sub, holding off the coast of Cyprus, plus squadrons of front line ‘Typhoon’ jets at the UK air base in Cyprus – waithing for the NATO call in response to an attack on Turkey/the US in order to bypass thier Parliament vote and attack Syria).
      Much of Western (NATO) Europe will also be placed under emergency control). Note – we now know this proposed ‘new government’ as the NWO.

      11) US Military – decimated through a major war – is dispanded and forces demobed.

      Note: How can the DHS and alphabet agencies take control of the US? The planning is at least 30 years in the making and is actually public knowledge.
      Obama publically announced that the DHS will be taking over from the military:

      Also, ‘Operation Blackjack’ was an attempt at blowing the whistle on this long standing plan, yet was largly ignored as it was so far ahead of its time……..

      Slide show of ‘Operation Blackjack’:

      The above is quick summary from memory – sorry I cant be more specific but I hope it helps………..

      • NaySayer

        I suppose that could be some of the elite’s plan, but, even Z. Brezinski stated that they were 10 years behind on their nwo plans. They haven’t gotten the guns so how do you think that factors in?

        An armed american populace would put up a defence against nwo takeover.

        • Upstart


          Brezinski, still a senior advisor to Obama, also alluded to the fact that the plans had changed and that vast numbers of people would have to die in order for the NWO to be rolled out.

          Perhaps his most infamous, and chilling, allusion to this (planned event?) was his ‘easier to kill a million people than control them’ speech’:

        • Upstart

          I forgot to add a very important point – Brzezinski was the Father of Al-‘CIAda – which was armed and trained by the US to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan (then known as the Mujihadeen), and which split into various groups after the Soviet withdrawl – the powerful such group later became a Polical party – known as the Taliban. The Taliban were then supported by Saudi interest groups who were in turn supported by the CIA.

          This is why the Obama regime have no issues supporting and arming – even fighting with – various groups. They have always done it.

          What goes around comes around.

          This is a clip of the man himself flying into Pakistan to rally his Al-CIAda troops:

    • Rebel Rouser

      See this website Titled
      “Obama has to attack Syria…he has no choice…” Go up website and read the many articles about the foreign Russian/NATO troops that have been stationed at our military bases throughout the country! This is part of the internal invasion plans they have to overthrow our country from within! I have heard this plan elsewhere to kill off our military or keep them from returning to the US if the Russian/Nato troops try to seize the guns from American citizens, but I can’t remember where on the net, I read so damn much of this stuff!

  • Avanti

    The US “war planners” a.k.a. “war mongers” and “war scammers” have two wars planned in Syria:

    “No matter what happens, there’s going to be a second war in Syria unfortunately. That second war is going to be between radical islamists who want to turn Syria into some al-queda inspired islamic State and the overwhelming majority of Syrians who want to live a better life and be our friends and not our enemies. This war will occur after the fall of Assad, but it will end the right way the sooner we get the first war over, the shorter the second war will be. And I, uh, think we can bring this war to a close without boots on the ground, the sooner we act, the better.”

    Lindsey Graham, US Senator from South Carolina May 9th, 2013

    • Ed_B

      “And I, uh, think we can bring this war to a close without boots on the ground, the sooner we act, the better.””

      What a flipping ‘tard! No war in the history of humanity was ever won without “boots on the ground”. This is even dumber than suggesting that we have a “jobless recovery”, which is something else that has never happened before and pretty much cannot happen by definition.

  • Lycian

    Nothing surprises me anymore, with the last two regimes foreign policy coming from the barrel of the gun. It was only a question of time before domestic policy followed suit…

  • ivan

    I don’t agree with all the end of the world, bombs coming to united states, every one hit there bunkers. Its bunch of non sense. Like Cuban missile crisis. At the end of the day, all the east has to do, is to destroy our monetary system. And let the zombies kill each other.

    • Ed_B

      Those of us who actually lived through the Cuban missile crisis have a different view of it than those who followed and simply see it as yet another chapter in history. For us, it was a very close near-miss; the US and the USSR could easily have gone to all-out thermonuclear war. It was so bad, in fact, that the Russian and American leaders were removed from office over it. Not by their citizens but by the elites who actually run a large segment, if not all, of this planet.

      It is interesting that in another incident during that same era, the only thing that prevented a nuclear war was one Russian Lt. Colonel who commanded an ICBM detachment and who refused to believe that the US was launching a nuclear strike at Russia when all of their instruments and satellite data told them that it was so. He believed that it was completely irrational for the US to launch a limited attack on the Russian mainland that it simply could not be happening and that anything that said it was happening HAD to be wrong. For his great act of courage and intelligence that resulted in 3+ billion people not being killed and the planet absolutely trashed, he was fired and drummed out of the Soviet military in disgrace.

      In my mind, that man was a man of honor, intelligence, and conviction. He was also history’s greatest unsung hero. Everyone living today owes him a great debt of gratitude. But for him, they would either not have been born at all or would have been born into a dying radioactive hell-hole of a world.

      • Upstart

        Ed B,

        Yes, I too remember the incident with the Soviet missile commander and his ‘clitchy’ new fangled all computerised early warning system (it was the closest my generation came to the equivilent of the Cuban Missile Crisis).

        His name was Stanislav Petrov, and he was commanding the ‘night shift’ at the Soviet equivilent of NORAD. The Soviets had recently integrated through computers (and thier version of the internet) thir early warning systems – which were the size of North Americas and Western Europes combined. Needless to say it was a bit ‘glitchy’ and he did not like it.

        When, at some date in the early 80’s, the system showed a US missle launch (think of the movie Wargames and the ‘ghost launches’), he used a cool head and judgement (something lacking in many of our leaders today) to determine the launch was either a US test fireing, an attack on another nation, or a system computer glitch – either way it did not look anything like a full scale attack on the Soviet Union and therefore did not warrent the fabled ‘red button’ being pressed.

        It was not until after the end of the Cold War that Col. Petrov was recognised by the Russians, the Germans, and the Americans for averting WW3, and he was given many medals and awards.

        I am suprised Hollywood never made a film about the incident.

  • NaySayer

    The picture is showing british cops. Those aren’t americans.

    • Upstart


      The use of that picture was, at least in my mind, inspired.

      Never, ever take your eye of the British elite, they work in the shadows and they never really went away. They established the modern state of Israel, still control massive (and global) banking, oil, and commodity industries, and have a hand in every major (and many minor) conflicts in the last 200 years.

      The British are currently massing a susbstantial Naval, Air, and Marine force on and around Cyprus. In my opinnion they are are waiting for NATO activation in response to an attack on either Turkey or a US warship.

      If you watch the ‘Operation Blackjack’ slide show video you will notice that the take down of the US begins with British Intelligence and a false-flag in the UK – preceeding a much larger, multiple and coordinated attack on the US.

      The guy was who called in to the show in the video at the top of this article and talked about the US military being set up, and whoever chose to use the picture of a British nuclear convoy, both see the bigger picture here.

      many scholars have now detrmined that the British military was deliberatly decimated during WW1 – perhaps to break the back of its empire and allow the US to take the mantle, or to destroy a complete generation of young men so that there would be no opposition to the social and political changes imposed after the war.

      It is now public record that the Britsh elite gave repeated orders to 100s of thousands of men – yes I dis say 100’s of thousands of men – to advance towards German machine gun lines, mortars, and artillary – on foot – accross open ground, and without cover.

      In just one battle – the Battle of the Somme – more than 1 Million men were killed!

      It is certainly not beyond the realms of possibility that the next war is the war in which the US empire is destroyed – to make way for massive social and political changes after such a war.

  • Brian

    Matthew 24:4-13 “And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

    For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

    And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

    For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.

    All these are the beginning of sorrows.

    Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name’s sake.

    And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.

    And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

    And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.

    But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

    • Great scripture Matthew 24, spot on Brian!
      Alex Jones????
      He does a great job waking the masses but I still can’t understand why he blew it with that English WANKER Piers Morgan! It was a lost opportunity and he made the dumbed down masses laugh at him and for good reason!

  • Brian

    Oh,I forgot that controlled opposition Fear Mongerer Jesuit co-adjutor Alex Jones is attached to this video…he is not on your side,he is invoking FEAR and part of the push for Martial Law

  • Joe

    John McCain DESTROYED By True American Patriot

  • Kimo

    I was viewing the infowars for sometime. Yet if you look closely at the Infor-wars insignia. There is an (eye) sign of the illuminate. Google it and see for yourselves.

  • Waldog

    Why did this story get buried so fast? Another hype article on SGT.

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