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“Major Shortage Of Physical Gold” Has Fed Greatly Concerned

from KingWorldNews:

It is important to consider what the truly important factors are that will determine what will happen to the world, its people, and to the global economy. If we look around, what do we find? We find a world that is financially, politically, and morally bankrupt.

This is a world that is feeding on ever-increasing debt and money printing. Just look at the G-7 debt.

Egon von Greyerz continues @

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1 comment to “Major Shortage Of Physical Gold” Has Fed Greatly Concerned

  • Mike

    And the price heads lower. Everyone enjoying that absolutely shocking move in gold and silver this month that was predicted by the experts? And if you really think tomorrow will change anything just look at the previous two years of cartel action. Nothing will chage. The price upward will be capped and then trend lower into October. Fundamentals mean nothing in the current system which is why the experts have been so wrong. One day the whole system will fall apart but that is years away. Until then, stagnant prices. Wish I knew what I know now a few years ago.

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