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Maguire – Fed, LBMA, Comex & Banks On The Edge Of Disaster

from KingWorldNews:

The downside for the central banks is that short-term interventions have further emptied the physical vaults (once) again. And where is this gold coming from? It’s coming out of unallocated bullion bank inventories (at the Comex). The central banks may be leasing out gold, but it’s not leaving their vaults (at this time).

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1 comment to Maguire – Fed, LBMA, Comex & Banks On The Edge Of Disaster

  • Michael

    It looks like the base is holding strong at $22.00. We should be able to leap all the way to $23.00. As long as the Paperex is run by the Blite and hedges, revel in your minimal gains. Words like Backwardation become meaningless after hearing them for six months or a year. Let’s get a little more creative and call it what it is Shortwardation. Silver and Gold will take off only when the banks fail. I hope it happens soon but I won’t hold my breath.

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