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Judge Napolitano: Rand Paul Can Lead Us To An Era Of Prosperity, Happiness & Small Government

from The Victory Report:

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12 comments to Judge Napolitano: Rand Paul Can Lead Us To An Era Of Prosperity, Happiness & Small Government

  • Brian

    Rand Paul is busy sniffing Mitt “Willard” Romney’s arse…while Daddy Paul is a Scottish Rite Free Mason (his Wife-Order of the Eastern Star and his daughter’s are Rainbow girls)


    • Jonathan

      I’m pretty sure the majority of thinking folk trust the Paul family. I call the son Rand ‘Bilderberg’ Paul because I know anyone can be manipulated but we’re in a position we don’t have a choice but to trust the principles they stand for and trust that they will stand for those principles just like Rand stood for twelve hours for his principles.

      • Brian

        The Real “thinking” folks are the ones who can see through their LIES!

        Ron Paul serves the POPE and so does his Son..

        • Jonathan

          I was raised Catholic and none of the principles they speak of line up with anything I or any of my friends learned in Catholic school where do you get this stuff? These are men of principle not servants of institutions.

  • Jonathan

    If Rand Paul is willing to abolish most of the Federal Fascist Government and put the weight of the social programs on the states and let the states collect the taxes they want to collect for their programs the Union will see the greatest prosperity in human history. The Federal Fascist Government is the problem.

  • Jonathan

    Religion is the interpretation of the supreme being that created our universe. But the fact that the supreme being gave us these inalienable rights at the inception of the universe is just that, a fact.

    • NaySayer

      I refuse to attribute my rights as given by a “god”. I have the right to try to defend myself from violence because I am a living creature. I have a right to try to stay alive by getting food and other things I need as best I can.

      There is no right to life. Anybody who thinks so is mistaken. If there was an inalienable right to life then nobody could possibly be murdered.

      If “god” gave me my rights then “god” can take them away. I have rights to try because I am alive.

      • Jonathan

        I said our rights were given to us as a result of the inception of the universe. I didn’t say my master in the sky gave me rights which he can take away. Anyone who thinks about this universe knows the supreme being that created can’t change the laws or the universe would collapse and since the supreme being cannot take away our rights without changing the laws our rights cannot be taken away.

        • NaySayer

          I don’t refer to a “supreme being” because maybe there isn’t one. Maybe the universe is a fully automated system and anyway referring all the time to a “god” or a “supreme being” is just being divisive. It completely insults people who don’t believe in it.

          I personally have found reason to think there is something like a god (in a pantheistic sense) but I don’t need reassurance for my religious beliefs so I don’t constantly find it necessary to shove them in people’s face.

          • GoodOleBoy

            If I believe in a God and base my values on that idea, how is divisive to share those ideas?

            I think you are confusing humans with animals. One of the main distinguishing factors is natural law. If someone comes and takes your possessions, it is commonly accepted that they have violated you in some way. If someone overpowers you and takes you as a slave, most people would agree your basic rights have been violated. Just because those rights exist does not mean they can not be violated. Unlike the law of the jungle, we can use morals and values to agree on certian principles that apply to everyone. When those principles are violated, we come together to address the issue. This is the foundation of our rights and laws but just because it is there doesn’t mean you have to follow it. You can believe in natural selection, that if you can take something its yours, survival of the fittest but after many years we found that is not a very good way to structure our society. Most of our moral principles come from the idea of something greater than ones self and there is an organized structure to the universe. People may choose to believe different but like it our not our society is based on that idea.

          • Jonathan

            The Laws of the Universe are not a matter of belief they are a matter a fact. Laws require intelligence because they have a command within them that decrees this must happen in this situation and this cannot happen without these elements in place. You keep focusing on the religious teachings and won’t look at the big picture. A supreme being exists and the Laws of the Universe are the absolute proof of it. It doesn’t matter if you accept it or not. You can sit their and say ‘the sun doesn’t exist because I don’t believe in it’ but that won’t change the fact that the sun is up there in the sky and is never going away.


    “COME AS LITTLE CHILDREN” I’m going to pray for all of you.

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