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John McCain DESTROYED By True American Patriot

[Ed. Note: In McCain’s OWN words, it would be “beneath him” to respond to the charge that he is guilty of treason because he supports Al-Qaeda]

from ThinkOutsideTheTV:

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8 comments to John McCain DESTROYED By True American Patriot

  • Sheryl Jacobs

    Dear Mr. Patriot – Thank you for telling McCain the truth of who he is.
    A treasonous pig globalist who is only in politics for control, money and power!!
    You all need to go and some of you and your Wall Street buddies will be going to
    jail in the near future!!

    Sheryl Anne Jacobs
    American Patriot

  • Joe

    DELUSIONAL McCain is at it again!

    SYRIA: McCain Guarantees Russia, China and Iran Will Not Act

  • NaySayer

    Al Quaeda is and has never been anything but a useful tool of the cia and elite. McCain doesn’t think it is treason to support al quaeda because he KNOWS they are the tool of the american government.

  • Jonathan

    I can’t tell you how much respect I have for this guy. He’s the kind of person that gives you hope America is not lost yet.

  • jerry

    love it we need more of it

  • Hoser

    McCain, do the world a favor and just kill yourself. Simple really.

  • Peter Jennings

    I agree with NaySayer, McCain is a useful tool of the cia and elite. However I deviate slightly in that I think that McCain is just a tool. Always was (since the days of the USS forrester incident) and always will be. This old dog cannot be taught any new tricks. He is a usurper, along with his pals that have been running the show for a very long time now, passing on their war torch to their own infected successors.

    I have enough faith in the intelligent people of american to believe they will surmount and prevail, but only if they act now.

  • Jeff

    I was a little shocked when I watched this video. This guy was a little nervous but he had balls of steel..what really creeps me out is watching the body language and facial responses when these politicians speak and their responses to questions. McCain, Kerry, Graham, etc… There is something missing and I truly believe they have no souls, they’re empty. These people act like clay-mation automatons with somebody behind the curtain putting words in they’re mouths.

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