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It’s Time To Become A ‘Jack Of All Trades’

by Lizzie Bennett, The Daily Sheeple:

When the long predicted collapse occurs it goes without saying that our lives will never be the same again. If that collapse is something that can be fixed, great, we will struggle but hopefully survive with a modicum of sanity and more humility about our place in the general scheme of things as we move forward and start rebuilding. What happens though if it’s something that can’t be fixed?

If infrastructure has been annihilated to the point where it can’t be fixed for a generation, if ever, what then?

If the population has been decimated to the point where there are simply not enough people to keep things going, or those that are left just don’t have the skill mix to keep things going, what then?

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2 comments to It’s Time To Become A ‘Jack Of All Trades’

  • dave

    as a person who is in the industrial maintenance field, I find it amazing at the new people who cannot do anything mechanical, weld, machine(with old hand crank machines)hookup electrical things, but they can sure run their laptops and youtube,
    and to top it off, is the young management people who think if someone is a blackbelt sigma 6 jerkoff, they know it all, yet cannot get to the ROOT of their problems most of the time, hold meeting after meeting to solve the problem of something broke,
    and us old farts, when all the glitz and glammer kiddies take off for the breakroom,or another meeting, wade in and fix things in minutes, and go on, the hourly people know the reality, and the older management guys will drop by and buy us coffee, and talk about the old days, ,

    AS FOR ME, Im gonna walk off into the sunset and go galt, take care of family and friends, let the rest crash,

  • Jonathan

    This is the result of brainwashing education. Yes the corporations have a bunch of sheep who won’t question them but they also have a bunch of retards who need a large paycheck and can’t produce. It’s called a Pyrrhic Victory.

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