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Is the FEMA Region III Alert a Red Herring?

by Michael T. Winter, Activist Post:

The Internet has been awash of late with articles, analysis and YouTube clips all examining the warnings put forth by South Dakota S.R. and State Sen. Sheldon R. Songstad (1971-1978 and 1985-1988)1. Google ‘FEMA Region III alert’ and page after page of articles, news clips and releases, etc. pop up for viewing. It has become my habit, (being so illuminated by the events of Aurora, Sandy Hook, Boston, 911, and even the recent Navy yard shooting) to automatically look for falsities.

I’ve chewed on all this news regarding the FEMA III alert and must confess I swallowed it wholesale along with so many others, as evidenced by the sheer number of pieces devoted to the subject in the alternative media: that is, until this morning, when I experienced an ‘ah-hah’ moment. All the attention this alert is garnering is starting to smell – there is definitely something ‘rotten in Denmark’. As I’ve mentioned before, here, one must always examine the premise for everything. (Thank you, Ayn Rand).

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1 comment to Is the FEMA Region III Alert a Red Herring?

  • NaySayer

    Ayn Rand herself credits Aristotle for teaching her to always check her premises.

    Maybe the fema 3 alert is a red herring however, if I had kids in any of those school I would be pulling them out before they need their 3 day backpacks.

    Think about it, how do you get people to voluntarily go to a fema camp? You take their kids and tell the parents to come pick them up. Get your kids out of public schools at least in fema 3, even the threat of what they are planning should be enough.

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