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Is Bensimon Sticking To $2,600 Gold By 2014?

from KitcoNews:

Last time Polar Pacific’s David Bensimon was on Kitco News, he told Daniela Cambone to expect $2,600 gold by 2014.

Is he sticking to this price target? According to Bensimon, the gold market is hovering in the $1,300 level and this is an “inflection” point. “Right now the market is dead center so if the market elects the bullish scenario and gets to $1,640, that would encourage the probability of getting to $2,600 in 2014.” Tune in now to hear where Bensimon expects gold prices to be by December and if he is sticking to his call for 2014.

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3 comments to Is Bensimon Sticking To $2,600 Gold By 2014?

  • Hannon

    The metals prices aren’t going anywhere meaningful, up or down until every last ounce is drained from the banking system. Who cares if gold hits 2600 in or by 2014, what’s going to matter is how much of it you have when the fiat empires implode, which is going to sting weather or not you have the metals or not. Don’t hasten the day your metals pay off because it’s going to suck but keep stacking

  • Brian

    Gold is going to $30,000 an ounce in two months…..

    Buy my Gold! I have the best prices in town!

  • steelerdude

    Geez, David has to answer to Daniela if gold doesnt hit $2600…..

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