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Iran/Syria Bashing

by Stephen Lendman,

A previous article called Iran bashing longstanding. It’s been ongoing for nearly 35 years. It’s unrelenting. Lies substitute for truth and full disclosure.

The same holds for Syria. Assad’s defending his country responsibly. He’s doing so against foreign invaders. He’s wrongfully blamed for Western-enlisted death squad crimes.

It doesn’t matter what’s true of false. Lying for power is longstanding major media practice.

Iran is wrongfully accused of secretly developing nuclear weapons. No evidence whatever suggests it. Iranian President Hassan Rohani addressed the issue in New York.

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1 comment to Iran/Syria Bashing

  • Ed_B

    “Iran is wrongfully accused of secretly developing nuclear weapons. No evidence whatever suggests it.”

    This is one of the dumbest comments ever issued by this author… and that IS saying something. There is a LOT of evidence that very strongly suggests that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. These range from the number of high level physicists working on this “project”, which would not be needed for civilian nuclear energy development, to Iran’s refusal to accept Russian fuel rod reprocessing for their so-called “peaceful” reactors, to Iran enriching their fuel to the 20% level. This is absolutely unnecessary for nuclear electric power reactors that use fuel rods that are about 3% enriched but it is an absolutely essential step for weapons production. Additionally, Iran is an island, floating on a sea of petroleum. Iran needs to generate electricity via nuclear power about as much as the US needs to import coal.

    All that said, however, nations do not need the permission of other nations to determine what their best form of self-defense is. In short, it is no one else’s business whether Iran does or does not build nuclear weapons. Prior to any use of them offensively, however, Iran should be informed that they face obliteration in reprisal.

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