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In Four Years the Amount of Money Printed By the Fed Will Exceed the Value of All Gold Ever Mined

from Gold and Silver Blog:

Most people can’t begin to comprehend how much a trillion dollars is.

Try asking someone how much $1,000,000,000,000 (one trillion) is and you are likely to get a blank stare.

To put things into perspective, when the government spends one trillion dollars and pays for it with taxes, the government would have to seize the entire wealth of one million millionaires.  Since the government would very soon run out of millionaires, government spending has become largely financed through borrowings and printed money.

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1 comment to In Four Years the Amount of Money Printed By the Fed Will Exceed the Value of All Gold Ever Mined

  • Slvrizgold

    When you think about the numbers for silver it’s even more staggering. There are only 200-250M ozs of “surplus” silver at the end of the year (mine supply +scrap/recycling) for investors to purchase above and beyond the industrial demand. At $22, that’s barely $4-5 billion to buy ALL that “surplus” silver for the WHOLE YEAR. That’s only 2 DAYS worth of QE! Every ounce of unused silver in the world for a year… $5 billion dollars.

    Look at it another way… There is only 1-2 billion ounces of refined silver in the world now (much less actually registered and available for sale). For argument’s sake lets say there is THREE billion ounces of silver out there. At $22, you could own EVERY OUNCE OF SILVER in the ENTIRE WORLD for merely $66 billion. This is not even ONE MONTH of QE! And the government deficit spends this sum of money every 2 or 3 weeks!

    If 1 million people world wide decided they wanted to accumulate 1000 ounces of silver that would be 1 billion ounces. Not possible. 1000 ounces of silver costs way less than a Toyota Camry LOL. I think if I had any serious savings I would want at least enough silver to buy a Toyota Camry ROFL. Even high school and college kids can afford to buy a handful of ounces every week if they are working. When they get to 100 ounces they find it wasn’t that hard and why not go for 1000. When I was that age I could have accumulated a ton of silver had it not been for titties and beer. lol I think they might keep it down for a while so be patient and average over time. I know people expect the PMs and equities to diverge at some point but remember when the market crashed, PMs initially took the plunge too, although they recovered much more rapidly.

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