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Huge Raid Day/Comex gold inventories remain constant

by Harvey Organ,

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen:

Gold closed down $33.15 cents to $1330.75. (comex closing time ). Silver was down $1.03 cents to $22.10

In the access market today at 5:15 pm tonight here are the final prices:

gold: $1321.00
silver: $21.73

This is from James McShirley explaining in a nutshell the bombing of gold/silver today:

4 minutes/12,535 short contracts = -$21.30
If you were a thief and knew their was no law enforcement, and even better knew there would be no punishment if they ever did show up you’d be knocking off the local quick-mart on a scheduled basis. That’s exactly what we have going on with the Comex and gold trading.

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2 comments to Huge Raid Day/Comex gold inventories remain constant

  • John

    So basically fundamentals mean squat, taking Silver to $5.00 is easily accomplished..It is frustrating that by using fundamentals, I’m doing the right thing, but in reality, I am just plain naive.. I’ve been hearing all these gurus for years now, but why? they have a piss poor track record…

    I’m just venting… stuck in a system that is out right theft for the banksters, but yes, we have no justice… come on slaves, make sure you pay your taxes… what a friggen joke…

  • jerry

    RIGHT John.. SQUAT! keep on stacking

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