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How one man saved Poland’s gold from the Nazis

by Jan Skoyles,

Over the weekend, GATA reported on the launch of Poland’s Oddajcie Nasze Zloto or ‘Give Our Gold Back’ Campaign.

Started by two economists who are concerned about the whereabouts of over 100 tons of the country’s gold reserves, the campaign has been working to raise awareness of this issue and have finally gained the ears of Polish politicians.

What does the Campaign hope to achieve?

The campaign’s Vice-Chairman, Piotr Wojda wrote the following to GATA:

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2 comments to How one man saved Poland’s gold from the Nazis

  • d the Fat Wun

    Chavez was right about demanding his gold back for Venezuela. Germany had actually asked many years earlier, but was ignored. Now Germany has become more vocal and we know what happened. It’s hypothecated.

    Does anybody know if China has any gold held by the Fed Res?

  • Frank Zak

    GATA is right. Gold is grossly underproduced
    and the central banks have lent it out to
    depress prices.

    Gold could skyrocket at any moment. They raided GLD
    to deliver to the Chinese, whom themsleves bought more
    than GLD and other ETF’s gold funds delivered out.

    A couple more raids will bust the central banks
    and ETF’s and the Comex of all gold.

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