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Harry Reid Says Will Not Go To Conference – Live Feed From Senate

from Zero Hedge:

Much confusion with just one hour left as Eric Cantor seeks to request a conference with the Senate. This is taking place even as the White House budget office will instruct agencies on a shutdown in under 30 minutes. And moments ago, Harry Reid said from the Senate that he would “not go to conference” until he gets a clean CR. So unless the House Republicans fold completely, as Democrats hope they will, the shutdown is assured. Live feed from Senate.

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1 comment to Harry Reid Says Will Not Go To Conference – Live Feed From Senate

  • NaySayer

    Harry Reid is an insider. This may all be part of the plot to crash the economy and blame it on the patriots/libertarians through Ted Cruz (goldman sachs agent).

    They will say they had to defund something that was important and then it crashed some computer system or grid or whatever and blame it on ted cruz who will then get some phat super high paying job with the bank for international settlemen or something.

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