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Government Corruption: People Losing Homes & Land over Tax Bills as low as $40

from Off Grid Survival:

The American Dream: Owning a home has become the American Nightmare for a growing number of people across the country.

Imagine owning your home free and clear, after decades of hard work and faithful payments, only to lose it over a $40 tax lien. Well that’s exactly what’s happening to a growing number of Americans who have had their homes stolen from them, after governments around the country sold miniscule tax liens and allowed greedy investors to then seize the homes.

Believe it or not, you could be at risk of losing your home over even minute amounts of unpaid property taxes. Earlier this week, the Washington Post covered the story of a 76 year old Marine Veteran who lost his $197,000 home over a $134 property tax debt.

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3 comments to Government Corruption: People Losing Homes & Land over Tax Bills as low as $40

  • rich

    they are all in on it………………………….

    Richard Posner Explains SEC Refusal to Act in Lehman Brothers Case

    Posner is a member of the Mont Pelerin Society, a group devoted to spreading the cause of neoliberalism. I’m sure Judge Posner is delighted to see his theory put into practice by the SEC and the Department of Justice, under Eric Holder and Barack Obama. Posner’s idea is so preposterous that only the feral rich, their neoliberal tools, people utterly insulated from reality, and fools could possibly endorse it. And so we come to George S. Cannellos, who headed up the SEC team of investigators.
    It is deeply moving to see Cannellos’ concerns.

  • dan

    this will only stop when the greedy investors that steal homes via the tax lien are dealt with on a personal basis…by the aggrieved homeowner….and shown the error of their ways….imho

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