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Gold: “Taper This”

by Gary Tanashian, Gold Seek:

The media love to get a hold of buzz words and then give them a spin and a life all their own. Recent examples were the mainstream media’s presentation of ‘Operation Twist’ – which was simply an official yield curve manipulation designed to sanitize and dampen inflationary signals – as an inflationary operation, and the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ drama that sent herds of conventional investors to the sidelines* when they should have been contrarian (and bullish) back in Q4, 2012.

Now we have the media on job tending the ‘Taper’ herd. Among the many hyped up implications of ‘Taper’ according to the media are that it is bearish for gold. But I would put forth not only a rejection of that assertion but just maybe a call for the opposite; a bullish stance on gold in the face of a Fed being coerced by natural movements in the Treasury bond market to talk ‘taper’.

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2 comments to Gold: “Taper This”

  • Jonathan

    The price of gold is affected 99% by the paper gold market not tapering or anything else. I assume ridiculously rich families with lots of gold are acquiring all this physical metal while it’s cheap so when the Fed Notes crash they are the ones with the real money.

    • AgShaman

      New monetary systems need puppetmasters pulling the strings on the agents sitting at the table negotiating the terms of the new system on their behalf.

      These families have been having the last laugh at our expense for centuries.

      They know what the “Golden Rule” is really all about

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