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Global Gold Demand Shows Positive Trend Going Forward

by Sasha Cekerevac, Investment Contrarians:

One of the most difficult things to do as an investor is to buy when others are selling. This is the most common mistake investors—both the retail public and some professionals—make.

The recent move in gold shows the difference between short-term and long-term thinking. While many investors were hesitant to step in and start buying gold as the price was dropping, many central banks were doing just the opposite.

Recently, Russia continued buying gold; China and India followed suit, taking advantage of the significant pullback in gold prices. While exchange-traded funds (ETFs) were busy selling gold bullion, many of the emerging market nations were buying gold and in significant quantities.

It goes beyond central banks buying gold for reserves, which they continue to do, but even jewelry demand for gold continues to increase.

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1 comment to Global Gold Demand Shows Positive Trend Going Forward

  • Ed_B

    “One of the most difficult things to do as an investor is to buy when others are selling. This is the most common mistake investors—both the retail public and some professionals—make.”

    Indeed so. But once we have studied the current US and global economic system and seen all of the problems that they have, one is left with 2 basic concepts: 1) inflation is high and going higher due to all this money printing; and 2) the entire fiat currency system is unsustainable and will collapse at some point. No, we do not know when that point will occur but we do know that it is inevitable. Because of these things, anyone wishing to retain some wealth when these fiat currencies collapse had better have something else of value to use as money when paper money is worth less and less and eventually worthless altogether. Those two things would be gold and silver. They have been money for more than 4,000 years and through the worst times in history. It is likely that they will remain as money and as stores of value, no matter what else is happening. Because of this, those who wish to retain some wealth for themselves and their families need to exchange some of their paper wealth for precious metal wealth. A minimum amount is around 10-15% but many people feel comfortable with having 25-40% of their wealth in PMs. A few people go “all in” with it. I would not recommend that, as we have no idea how long the current paper paradigm will last. I would be comfortable with up to 50% of my wealth in PMs. At this moment, I have about 10% of my wealth in gold and silver. This is about the minimum that I would recommend to anyone. As time passes, I add to my stack and this percentage will rise. I would like at least 25% in PMs by the end of 2014.

    The recent pull-back in gold and silver prices has been an excellent time to add to one’s stack and I have done so, adding 200 oz. of silver and 7 ozs. of gold. I will continue to convert fiat money into real real money on a monthly basis. I suggest that others do the same. Not that they should ignore their other preps, though. Having food, water, fuel, meds, tools, and the means to protect them are all in order. Prepping should not be exclusive but inclusive. Take care, brothers and sisters. There be demons lurking about and then mean to do serious harm to us all. Be ready to stand your ground and fight like hell.

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