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From DOLLAR CRISIS To Golden Opportunity – Mike Maloney

Author, researcher and founder of Mike Maloney joins us to discuss the latest segment from the Hidden Secrets of Money… Dollar Crisis to Golden Opportunity.

Mike says, “Now the rest of the world are turning their backs on the US Dollar standard. This is going to cause a financial calamity the likes of which we have never seen before. It’s going to be devastating for most people. I don’t want this to happen. But the damage has already been done.” It’s time to prepare. While you still have time to do so.

The Hidden Secrets of Money video series is FREE to the public and a service to humanity as a last ditch attempt to wake people up. As Mike says, “”MAXIMUM PROSPERITY CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED THROUGH INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM, FREE MARKETS AND SOUND MONEY.”

Here is Episode 3: Dollar Crisis to Golden Opportunity. Enjoy.

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66 comments to From DOLLAR CRISIS To Golden Opportunity – Mike Maloney

  • Jacobson

    Jonny I agree with you .
    You people better learn how to grow birds before buying gold/silver .

    • Jonny English


      Thanks, and yes, people had better learn how to grow thier own food, get clean water, and have the means to defend what they have.

      Way too many people seem to think that come the collape they can simply walk past all the starving people, Gold in hand (or with a bag full of silver), walk into thier local grocery store (which they think will be full of food), or drive to the gas station (lol, and lol again – think hurricane Sandy nationwide) and buy fuel with a few pre 64 coins.

      Some even think they are going to become real eastate ‘barons’ – buying homes and land for a few silver eagles……….

      • Frank Zak

        597 to 787 million oz silver production increase from 2003 to 2012.
        134 million oz drop, in same time period, from loss of photography
        industry to digital.

        201 million oz silver overproduction the result in 2012.

        • Good Ole Boy

          What do you think goes into all those new electronic cameras and other gizmos that we have come up with in the last 10 years. All that electronic demand has mainly come from the west and we now have the eastern countries and other areas of the world moving into the middle class. They have huge populations and are quickly moving into the digital age. The demand figures dont figure in all the new investment demand.

          I am not saying everyone that owns silver is going to get rich, just that the supply demand fundamentals support a higher price. Besides that, the destruction of the dollar will make the price of any hard asset rise. Silver and gold just happen to be a hard asset that wont perish and that you can hide away when the big bad government starts gobbling up everything to try sustain itself during a collapse.

        • Cleburne61

          @ Frank….the figures from the Silver Institute are bullshit.

          During all those years of HUGE silver shortages…..I mean HUGE ones….they always added up nicely and neatly, 100% balanced on supply and demand. 100%, just like a banking ledger. With credits neatly placed on one side, and debits on the other.

          Total bullshit.

          If you believe the BS stats from the World Gold Council and the Silver Institute(who are complicit in the market rigging), then I’m not sure what we can do for you, sir.

          • John

            Frank is a Real Estate Guru, in 2008 he won the SOCAL Real Estate adviser of the year, he got his clients out before the Real Estate Crash.. He got a big trophy for that, and if you drive by his home in Malibu till this day, you will see a banner hanging from the roof of his home pointing this out.. He was also awarded California wide #1 Salesman for getting the bottom of the real estate market, many of his clients are sitting ontop of the world for that call…

            Don’t mess with Frank, he also called the top in Gold, maybe off a day or two, he says hold off until we get the bottom, so patiently we wait.. I met up with him on Rodeo drive last year, he was driving his Bugatti,

            He’s frequently at the Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Ray, treating his friends, stay on his good side.

            • Cleburne61

              If he’s any sort of man I’d want to know, then he can take someone disagreeing with a source of his, like a big boy.

              Glad he knows real estate. I wouldn’t presume to lecture him on real estate.

              Likewise, perhaps he should stick to the subject he’s so in tune with….

              It’s proven beyond any reasonable doubt that the markets in precious metals are not freely and fairly traded. Any good guesses about tops or bottoms in a rigged casino are just that, guesses.

              • John

                Yes Frank usually has a one track mind, and doesn’t like people in disagreement with him.. I’m not sure he actually believes that crap from the Silver institute though, but who really knows.. I do know that with some of the proceeds from his Real Estate ventures, he was able to sign up for high level martial arts classes, he did well there as well, and is currently ranked.

                On one of his trips to CNI, on Manchester Blvd, to sell all his Gold Coins @ $1900.00/ounce, basically the top that he informed us about, he was surrounded by four hooded individuals, he had them all pinned in no longer than 3 minutes..

                Don’t mess with Frank!!

            • NaySayer

              I’ve been on the internet for too long to believe anybody who claims to be some big shot with a fast car. I’ve been told people are rock stars, hedge fund managers blah de blah blah blah.

              I’ve even seen people who log on with a different user name to agree with their own comments or talk up their own other user name.

              I would have to personally in the real world know this guy to believe anything about him and even if it were true, so what? Is he going to buy me a bugatti so why should I care what he thinks?

              Seriously, anybody who believes some curriculum vitae info from some anonymous person on the internet is nuts.

      • prestodo

        Yes, we should buy a highly manipulated form of commodity money that has been manipulated for thousands of years because at some point the manipulation of it will end and it will go to its “true value” of $500.00 an ounce for silver and $10,000.00 an ounce for gold, right??????????

        People who believe that the manipulation of gold and silver will end at some point are deluded. These two metals have been and are completely manipulated and will continue to be completely manipulated well into the future. If you’re worried about societal collapse, then get food storage, medical supply storage, some sort of energy or fuel storage, arms & ammo first before you get gold or silver. Remember, if there is no food in the grocery store, then no matter how much gold and silver you have, you will only be able to buy what is available.

        Gold and silver are investments just like stocks and bonds. The people that sell them get rich while the suckers who buy them gamble and may win or lose hard earned value. Gold and silver is not what creates value…YOU are what creates value and you can place that value into anything you perceive you have a need or want for. If you’re sold on the lie that gold and silver are precious and will help you in time of need, then you will place value into it even though they are metals that you cannot eat and that nobody will want to accept for food when food or water is scarce.

    • SGT

      Johnny and I agreed to a “do-over” on the comments thread since we’re all friends here. Have a great day all.

  • John

    Excellent work!!

    I myself have thrown just about everything in.. So it’s been a tedious couple of years.. But people can choose, stay in the death and debt paradigm, or try getting everything out of this system.. Simple as that my friends.

    As for Jonny English, have you taken your meds yet this morning? Yes it’s been all BS, but that doesn’t change a single thing, one plus one equals two.. patience is very important here, of course the bankers have convinced you that it equals three..

    • SGT

      Thanks for chiming in with a voice of support John.

    • Jonny English

      Hey John,

      I’ve seen a collapse and a real SHTF situation and I can tell you (as will anyone who lived through the hell hole that was Bosnia in the 90’s) that Gold and Silver will be worth Sh-t DURING a collapse.

      AFTER the chaos has passed and civillisation has returned, yes Gold and Silver can be exchanged for the currency of the day and will help you to rebuild your life.

      The key is surviving long enough to get to the AFTER stage.

      During a collapse that involves some form of civil war or insurrection, safe shelter, clean water, decent food, and a means of self defence are much, much, much more valuable than Gold and Silver. I have seen a gold wedding ring traded for just one .38 round, an antique silver dining set traded for a few cans of cheap ham, and even know of a young women (with a child) sell herself for a few cans of corned beef.

      Forget the Great Depression stories of ‘hotels beeing bought for a Gold coin’ and other such rubbish and study history – real history. Look at some accounts from the US Civil war, and accounts from the various conflicts in Europe – especially WW1 and more recently the Balkans. You will see accounts of gold necklaces and silver cutlery being exchanged for just a loaf of bread or some eggs.

      You need to survive the collapse in order to be able to transfer your wealth (yes best done by Gold and Silver). If the collapse is as bad as think its going to be, Gold and Silver will be next to useless DURING the collapse.

      Granted, if the collapse is ‘only’ as bad as the Argentinian collapse a decade ago, then Gold and Silver will be well worth having as it could still be exchanged (as society did not collapse along with the economy).

      However, having seen how a civilised, modern, and developed European nation (Yugoslavia) became a hell hole, and just how much worse nations such as the US and UK, with large numbers of ‘soft’, ‘dependent’, ‘selfish’, and ‘weak minded’ people, I am more inclined to prioritise Food, Water, Safe Shelter, and Self-Defence preparaqtions over Gold and Silver.

      As for ‘meds’ you may wish to take some yourself in order to see the ‘bigger picture’ before its too late.

      • NaySayer

        If you had really looked into survivors stories of bosnia then you would know that how bad it got was dependent on where you lived.

        Yes, there is a guy who lived mad max because he lived in a more remote region with a lack of resources like wood for fires etc. and they were surrounded by enemy troops who sniped them all the time.

        But there are other stories of those who lived near borders with other countries where they went without because their fiat money became worthless. If they had real commodity money or other real goods they did okay. One girl states her parents had to slowly sell all their furniture over the border to get money that still bought something because there was everything you might want to buy there, if you had some other kind of money.

    • Brian

      Typical stupid reply when you don’t want to agree with someone’s opinion or they see things diffently….

      I agree with Johnny English…He is RIGHT! Gold and Silver will not going be worth squat in a collapse.WATER,FOOD,and means to protect it will be the most valuable assest you will have.

      You really think you’ll be able to barter your metals with your braindead neighbor who doesn’t even recognize precious metals as money? LOL the idiot is YOU! No-one is going to trade their precious Food for pieces of Metal…PERIOD!!

  • Tim

    While it’s true that the most vocal advocates of owning physical gold and silver are in the business of selling them and are quite wealthy, I think people like Mike Maloney, Andy Hoffman, etc. truly want to help others. Furthermore, I don’t think they fully understand what we’re up against. We’re living in unprecedented times, and TPTB will do anything and everything to maintain their power.

    Sometimes I feel that I was foolish to put so much of my savings into PMs. If I could go back several years, I wouldn’t have put as much money into PMs, but I still would have bought some.

  • We Are Change Windsor

    What a fantastic interview. I absolutely love the work of both SGT & Mike Maloney. This is the first real interview to break down what I have been saying for nearly three years. That is that the Gold Standard is not the answer and neither is fiat. I believe the answer is using multiple metals like Gold and Silver combined. However, I would like to take it one step further and include other metals which have a history of money and that is Nickle, Copper and lastly Platinum. This would give the financial system far greater stability that it ever has.

    Sean, could you present Mike with this question and post a response?? Thank you.


    • SGT

      Thanks Jeff. I think Mike would agree with you to some degree. Although nickel and copper aren’t the classic “monetary metals” (yes, used in our coinage though) like silver and gold have been for 2,000+ years. A larger “basket” might include Palladium and oil too. Regardless, as Mike stated in the interview, better that the free market decides on what will be money, than a small group of sinister Banksters.

  • SGT

    Mike’s Hidden Secrets of Money series is offered FREE to all despite the enormously expensive costs of production. I am always amused when folks like you and others who come here to bash after getting REAL info and REAL news FREE of charge. Whereas sites of mockingbirds CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, etc -those “news” readers are paid MILLIONS PER YEAR to shill for their corporate masters… food for thought.

    • Jacobson

      Sean ,
      I’m not against financial education and the great work you do .
      But learning how to grow a chicken and use its droppings as compost for veggie plants and learning how to clean water with sheet or coal is what going to save people’s life ,
      I have silver too but it’s just beacuse I dont want to put my money in the hands of the banksters thiefs .

    • Jonny English


      OK, I conceed, I should have formulated a more respectful comment, and dropped some of the sarcasm/cynisism.

      That said, I feel that my viewpoint, and indeed scepticism to a point, is still valid.

      None of us know for sure how bad the collapse is going to be, when it eventually comes.

      I know that many people who visit this site and similar sites hope things will ‘only’ be as bad as Argentina a decade or so ago. In such a collapse the electricity stayed on (for the most part), even though the banks shut and most people lost all of thier paper investments, life savings, and pensions. Yet trade and commerce continued, law and order was mostly maintained, and foreign currency (plus Gold and Silver) could be exchanged for food and goods which still kept arriving – even in the smaller towns.

      My personal view is the collapses of the US and UK economies (likely coordinated to take place together) are going to be much worse.

      The US and UK governments would appear to share this viewpoint as evidenced by the level of peparations they are taking. The US in particular appears to be gearing up for armed insurection / civil war. It would appear they expect a full scale melt down of law and order and are prepared to lock down whole cities until the fires burn themselves out. The UK have not taken such overt steps but have plans to put armoured vehicles and troops on the streets (Northern Ireland style).

      I hope things NEVER get as bad as they did in Bosnia – but they may. Bosnia was like nothing most North Americans citizens can imagine.

      As for my comments on this site – I was hoping that I would be able to engage in an intelligent and unemotional discussion about various collapse scenarios and how holding Gold and Silver may be potentially useless DURING many such collapse scenarios. I do however realise that I got off to a bad start by my use of sarcasm and cynicism, which was obviously not appreciated.

      I am concerned that for many, the belief in Silver ‘as saviour’ has almost become like a religion, with some people going as far to suggest that if you dont own any Silver then you are not truely ‘awake’, or not truely a ‘prepper’. Anyone who dare disagree that Silver is ‘saviour’ becomes treated like a heretic.

      I dont really know what else to say, just that I am concerned that those people just waking up, or beginning to prep, may be overwhelmed by the various precious metals experts out there, go in 100% Silver, and then neglect thier basic prepping needs.

      I am happy to be personnally tarred and feathered, called a ‘heretic’, or even a ‘hater’. I have had much worse than that happen to me I can assure you. My hope is that just one person hears the underlying and deeper message I have obviously failed to deliver in a clear way – and does not bet thier life, or the lives of thier family, on shinny coins alone.

      Good luck to you all, and I hope and pray things never get as bad as I know they could (and did in Bosnia).

      I shall refrain from commenting in future.

      • SGT

        Thanks Johnny, I was up til 1:00 am last night trying to post this and was having trouble getting it posted, so finally got it uploaded this morning excited for folks to hear it, and was immediately greeted with your comment which I felt was a bit unfair. We can agree to disagree and part on friendly terms. For the sake of keeping this thread uncluttered for new folks, I may archive our thread on back-and-forths later today cool?

        • Jonny English


          I’m totally OK with you removing my comments, and I commend you for giving me the opportunity to respond again before you did.

          I’m pleased in particular that we can part on friendly terms.

          Keep up the good work and all the best to you.

          • Newfie

            If SGT believes in free speech or Ron Paul, he has no reason to delete your comments. At least, I hope he hasn’t. Your comments are more than valid.

            • John

              What I don’t understand is how blind people are… Is this site pushing only Silver? Are people seeing only what they want to see? I think most visiting this site know that the Precious metals are not the end all be all. This sites main focus is TRUTH, let me repeat, TRUTH. I myself came to this site a while back, when Silver was on the March to $49. So I did come here for Silver, but over the last few years I’ve learned a great deal more, infact 90% of what I’ve learned has nothing to do with Silver… So sitting here telling us hey, get your Food and Ammo, don’t forget your water filter. hehehe, it make no sense, we’ve done it..

              The ones beaking off are under water, hey shit happens, and now they’re taking it out on anyone pumping REAL MONEY, Gold and Silver..

              Most here are prepared for chaos and are holding Silver for what follows, if you guys want only Silver sites, head over to KWN..

              • Hannon

                I agree with you 100%, Even though I like the idea that maybe someday I might make out like a bandit holding metal, it’s not the primary reason to own them. Even if you don’t like PMs because your under water or what ever reason, you should at least try to own some. I liken it to those little retarded spare doughnut tires, nobody likes driving on them but you should make sure you have one in the trunk.

      • Brian

        Johnny English,your opinion is VERY VALID!!

        ALOT of “Cry Wolf” and “Fear Mongering” going on,especially lately, in the “so called truth movement”

        Interesting enough, precious Metals “salesman” tell you that precious metals are going to the moon,while they have “plenty” of precious metals to sell you πŸ˜‰

        Invest in FOOD and Water..not treasures that nobody will want in a collapse

      • ValueVendor

        Seems to be a question of balance. Figure 25% (plug in your number) of “collapse” scenarios could end like Bosnia – then your coin stack won’t be much use for a while. In the other cases PMs would be most handy. Try to prepare for multiple event types…anything to be more self-sufficient.

        Take care.

      • Newfie

        I agree with you Jonny. I sold off some of my silver to help get ahead. I feel that growing food, learning preserving techniques, hunting, fishing, is highest priority. Much easier for me living in the middle of nowhere….not so easy for people living in metro areas. PM’s will not be worth shit until the mania phase is over. If I offered someone a silver oz for trade early on in the collapse, word would spread quickly that I have PM’s making me and family a target. People have to think about these things. Stock up, act like you are poor like the rest. Peace brother, best of luck.

    • mr620

      SGT, the problem is we are so conditioned to getting free stuffs (freeware,free upgrade, free news, free Obama phone, easy welfare, etc), that most people now expect free stuffs as their god giving rights.

  • Paul T

    What’s wrong with Mike Maloney making money off helping people prepare for what’s coming? It’s called CAPITALISM! Yeah I seem to remember that this country was a capitalist country once…yeah I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere. People like you could find a way to demonize Mother Thresa if you tried hard enough. Of course the man is selling. Gold, silver, books to prepare, and why shouldn’t he? He’s a freakin smart guy who’s done his research and is kind enough to share what he’s learned with the rest of these lame ass sheeple who would still be snoozing in slavery if it weren’t for people like him. I think the man deserves to be a millionaire for all he’s done. What positive things have you done to help humanity? Probably nothing but demonize. Bottom line, people have to make money. That’s what makes the world go round. Mike Maloney is making money doing something he loves and helping humanity at the same time. Nothing scandalous about it!

  • We Are Change Windsor

    Thanks for your quick reply. I would just like to get the conversation started. I believe in the motto, which you and other keep reinforcing: “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”. So that means that coins of real metal are the only REAL money.


    • SGT

      I agree with you Jeff, I have long advocated saving every pre-1983 US penny which are 95% pure copper and worth more than 2 cents each in melt. COPPER pennies are indeed REAL money! Also, every single nickel in circulation is 75% copper and 25% nickel and each is worth nearly 6 cents in melt… and that’s 6 cents MORE real value than a paper dollar!

  • Alex

    Hey Jonny, maybe you should actually check out Mike’s website and see that he preaches the same message as you – he sells long term storable food and advises folks to get their food and water situation under control first no matter what happens. He’s probably more on the same page as you than you think. Yes, he has a best-selling book that certainly woke me up. He has great videos that he puts out for free. I’ve learned more from him than anyone in my life, and it cost me $15 – the price of his book. Reading your comment has solidified my resolve to make all future silver purchases through Maloney’s company and reward him for the effort he goes to. I thank you for your spite!

  • John

    Please post!!
    Losing Fear – For The Children

  • Mark S Mann

    Hello Friends,

    My question for anyone who thinks people who educate the public about precious metals AND at the same time sell precious metals are “salesmen” is:

    I am a sales executive in the firearms industry, but I also train law enforcement and civilians about the use of firearms…..

    Is there any less of a need for you to be able to defend yourself because I sell the guns too? Do you think that there is an arterial motive because I do both? If you do, then maybe you need to re-think a few things personally.

    Johnny….Gerald Celente advises PM’s and does not sell them. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Dr. Ron Paul as well as many others advise the same.

    Bob Chapman (RIP) used to say: ” What else is there?” “If anyone has a better idea, let me know”

    I am PM heavy in my own portfolio and have begun building a cash base now that most of my prep items are completed.

    However, looking at the bleak future of Bonds, Treasuries, Stocks, and Real Estate( which I have lots of experience in)Please show any hard asset that provides liquidity other than cash?

    I have taken a beating over the last 2 + years, and I am really pissed off about it. I have cost averaged down as much as possible, but it still hurt.

    The bottom line is the game is almost up, and time is on my side and its on yours too if you own PM’s.

    These criminals are indeed “trapped” and they will continue playing the only game they can (print money) till no one else wants to play the game anymore more…..then look out. Thins will probably change rapidly at that point. Hopefully it will not result in WWIII, and if it does, money will not be most people’s problem anyway.

    • Brian

      James 5:3 “Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.”

      Matthew 6:19-21 “Lay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth, where moth and rust doth corrupt, and where thieves break through and steal:
      But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal:

      For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

      But I guess you still want to punch out my teeth right? πŸ˜‰

      • Mark S Mann


        What I cant figure out about you is that for someone who does not like what they see and hear on SGT, you spend an awful lot of time here.

        For normal people when they are turned off by something, or have a strong dislike for something, they generally don’t keep going back to that thing.

        Except for you…..which makes me wonder what you agenda is? I hope you don’t color your hair orange and end up on CNN anytime soon.

        If I punched your teeth out, it would probably not make you go away or change anything….however, I know I would feel better πŸ™‚

        Don’t go away mad….just go away.

        • Brian

          I come here for the occasional news (there is some truth in what SGT speaks of) and to see what the flappers are saying in these forums, while I can give an alternative view and opinion (because I don’t fall into the category of believing precious metals will save you)…Now,I gave you Bible Scripture,I guess you hate me for it right??

          You wouldn’t punch my teeth out because I wouldn’t let you ;)..It sounds to me you base your thoughts on threats instead of just peacefully debating..

          I have no “agenda”…I am just giving my opinions and I’m sorry it goes against your mindset or belief system..

          As the Bible says “β€œLay not up for yourselves treasures upon earth” “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.”

          • glitter 1

            Ro 12:3 For I say, through the grace given unto me, to every man that is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think; but to think soberly, according as God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith.

            • NaySayer

              Actually Brian is very amusing. It is fun watching a bible thumper annoy the other bible thumpers with bible quotes. I’s like a thumper competition.

              • glitter 1

                Yes,It’s puzzling to an individual that believes their own opinion as final authority as opposed to eternal truth.

                Ps 14:1 ΒΆ The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

                • NaySayer

                  People don’t have to believe the same way you do. I know it is a shock but there you go.

                  Personally I am a panthiest so don’t go quoting some stuff from a book that doesn’t have meaning to me about people who don’t believe in a god being very very bad somehow. It just doesn’t mean ANYTHING. Not to me. Why do you bother?

          • Mark S Mann


            You obviously have a lot of misconceptions about what people think and believe here.

            If you think there is “truth” here, then why do you spew such non-sense?
            People who support STG usually manage to disagree without managing to be a turd like you do on a regular basis.

            Can you get your “news” here with out acting like such a turd burglar? I think other people here besides myself, who also truly support SGT in the interest of “truth”, would greatly appreciate it.

            If you are a truly a genuine person, consider the fact that other people think you are a douchebag, …..and if you cant do that, don’t hide behind your religion….that makes you look like a bigger asshole. You’re very good at it. πŸ™‚

  • Hannon

    Sean, next time you talk to Mike ask him about the Hugo Price model. I’m leaning toward that model myself because a Bill Still model vs gold argument only presses two different ideologies against each other but the Hugo Price model can be sold to people like Peter Schiff who could save in metal and Webster Tarpley who could print money for choo choo trains and giant whatever projects. Both sides get what they want, so it’s an easy sell and the banksters fall flat on their butts

  • buffy

    Who Benefits.
    Not only the rich, but…
    for now, MOST people benefit from QE and low interest rates, more than is realized.
    Anyone with DEBT, benefits in this current system. Which is probably most of us.
    Anyone who hasn’t stored up food, water and ammo, benefits
    Jonny English’s comments, hit it dead on.

    This is all illusionary benefit, but thats all most people understand. Most people WILL NOT understand untill it has collapsed. They won’t even LISTEN at this time.

    • NaySayer

      The events coming will be wholly darwininan and in a bad way.

      Those who prepped might survive. The ones who already got out of the big cities or are prepared to fight to stay or fight their way out with a prepped group might survive.

      Most won’t. They will freak out when their anti-depressants wear out. When the relative they gave up to the state with a serious mental illness, alzheimers or trisomy 21 has to come back home because the Nursing/group home they lived in closes because the staff doesn’t show up due to lack of pay. When they have to deal with the many things modern life let them think is easy like finding food, clean water, a way to pay for things they need on the black market. Most are going to die.

  • John

    This has nothing to do with Silver, but with health.. Just like we’ve been conditioned to believe the money system, this video clearly proves that animal proteins are killing us, but that’s what the banksters want, we’ve been conditioned to believe whatever they tell us.

    Please watch!!!

  • glitter 1

    I believe that individuals need to keep things in perspective relative to the facts.It would appear that World Events are converging towards a cataclysm of unprecedented (Read:Biblical Proportions).If you are not familiar with Biblical End Times Prophecy,then you’ll most likely dismiss my comment.Never-the-less events appear to be lining up,which could very well spiral out of control and usher in the unthinkable,WWIII.People think they have what it takes to effectively navigate what they think in their mind could come to pass.Nobody,very few anyway,has a clue what Nuclear Fallout and Marshall Law would/could be like.Normalcy will not follow like a post Hurricane Sandy.We all need to check our arrogance and hubris,be sober minded and do what we can to support our family and friends through whatever may befall us going forward.Gold/Silver,anything of tangible value will certainly play a role as a productive tool during any time of emergency/chaos.

    Here is a comment I made further down to another blog story:

    glitter 1

    September 23, 2013 at 3:49 pm Β· Reply

    I believe it will more likely resemble the French,Bolshevik and Chinese Revolutions.When the financial collapse comes and the ensuing reality sets in,the love of many will wax cold.

  • Cleburne61

    Sean, another great interview with a great man.

    I listened to it all, but I don’t remember if you had time to cover my question: considering how the Anglo-American banking elite have conspired against silver for 140 years, at least….what makes him think that after this huge run up in metals that they won’t be able to pile drive silver down 90%(as they did after I was born in the early 80’s?

    Mike Maloney to me is one of the greats, and I truly appreciate the time and effort you and your friends spent in getting him on as a guest. Y’all do so much to help us, thank you

  • Troy

    In my neck of the woods, ammo would be king. I live in an area that has wildlife GALORE. We know how to hunt, fish, and garden. I live by older farmers that have knowledge that would be absolutely crucial in a shtf situation. I learn things from them nearly everyday. Funny, one of them can tell me whatever plant or weed I point to him. Chickens…ya we got em. A hen produces 5 eggs per week. If you have, lets say, 30 hens….you have lots of food, and barter. Growing your own food is fun, and basically free. I’m eating tomatoes like crazy right now, and they are FREE! Organic, and delicious!

  • mr620

    I like to rebutt johnny English’s post. He said gold and silver are useless in a collapse society which is somewhat true. What is more valuable than gold, silver, ammo, food, water is your brain. Fact is, the real preppers who stacked gold/silver have bought ticket out of bosnia hell hole before the collapse came to fruition. They have used their gold and silver wisely to start a new life elsewhere, just like some lucky jews in nazi time or fighter pilots got downed in german wheat field.

    True preppers/stackers have gold/coin and bars which they used wisely. Only sheeple who were left behind have a trinket gold ring and/or silverware to trade for food after the collapse like the stories that Johnny had illustrated. Owning a gold ring or grandparent’s silverware is not stacking.

    good luck stacking and hiding your foods and ammo when the NDAA swat team come to seize your surplus foodies.

  • NaySayer

    I look forward to seeing this 3rd part of the Money series. I’m subscribed to Maloney’s youtube channel so either I will get it there or I can see it here on SGT.

    Maybe they will bomb Utah? Don’t mess with those mormons, they are prepped, locked & loaded. I wish the missouri congress would pass gold/silver as money legislation instead of just playing around with introducing it and then it goes nowhere.

    But seriously, what will they do with states like Utah, Wyoming, MO & Kansas who have passed laws which go directly against what the feds want? Will it come down to them trying to force us to get with their program?

  • hal

    What if, just WHAT IF we dont experience a complete collapse of society, but rather a situation where the financial system resorts back to asset based rather than debt based? Seems this might be a scenario that would leave many people quite poor and everyone wishing they had converted to hard assets….Nothing wrong with having prep supplies, but let’s be honest they aren’t MONEY.

    I’m not saying I know exactly what the future holds, but it’s amusing how so many opinions seem to be in the extreme; in that either “nothing” will happen or that we are heading back to complete chaos and the stone age.

    Is there no middle ground?

    • AgShaman

      Of course.

      Don’t let the ‘Doomers’ like Brian get you down. Nobody has the crystal ball at their disposal, so there may be any number of scenerios that could play out.

      Prepping for a “middle ground” (ie. a global restructuring ‘a-la’ some G-20 Bretton Woods type agreement) is no different than stockpiling food and water and prepping for chaos.

      Since fiat currencies have always had a short shelf life…they’ve had to be replaced by the next “new and improved” system. Financial systems come and go….just like they’ve always done throughout history.

      What makes your logic sound is the fact that throughout history….gold and silver have not been extinguished and removed from the playing field of competitive currencies.

      Of course you should prepare for the worst, but preparing for the middle makes you smarter than most and in the ‘advantaged’ driver seat should the world not become unraveled in chaos

  • GoodOleBoy

    I have a question regarding Mike’s comments on Bill Stills idea. Who ever said the quantity of money had to remain constant? You could increase it by a set value every year or many of the other options. Sure, if politicians have control there is a probability that they will mess it up but as we have seen that is all but assured to happen. Also, the second National Bank of the US did not fail, it was removed by those who had their own agenda.

    Not a perfect system but its the best we have come up with. It what Hitler used to create full employment in Germany, it is what Charlemagne used to build one of the greatest empires in Europe. There has to be a way to advance beyond a barter society into something that benefits everyone.

  • Cal

    Good interview.
    Having gold and silver is saying your prepared to survive and now your preparing to thrive for after the collapse. Get your preps straight and be learning skills and learn renewable ways of living.
    Then stack like there’s no tomorrow!
    Peace sgt

  • Stu

    Thanks for the video, just discovered Mike’s YouTube channel and have been impressed with his videos and commentary.

    I’d like to also say “thank you” to all the posters here, as I appreciate trying to see all sides of the discussion and real world possiblities that look to be coming our way eventually.

    I have a bit of PMs but I’m currently working on prep items. I don’t have a ton of disposable income and the process does feel overwhelming at times but I’m doing what I can.

    I “try” to hope for the best and prep for the worst πŸ˜‰

    Best Regards to all!

    Glad to have found some like minds here (it seems) πŸ˜‰



    I found this Ray Stevens video. Truth be sung!!

  • Mike

    That all sounds adequatly convening and reasonable. However, I wish Mike could also address a possibility of confiscation. The prospect of confiscation is highly probable, even though cercomstances are different than at times of great depression. It is unlikly they will let random people to advance out from their dominance.

  • andrew james

    Maloney says that even a government operated currency system will fail. I’ll take a currency system that is accountable to the public instead of what we have now where the profit and liquidity is sucked out of the value of our money for private interests.

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