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Fighting the State

by James E. Miller, Mises:

It’s is unfathomable how much brain power goes into hatching schemes to “reform” societal governance. From increased taxation to prying apart the grip of the monopoly state, the breadth of the political spectrum spends a great deal of time arguing over the correct course of action. Progressives never fail to adopt a new scheme to ratchet up the size of government. Conservatives, bless their instincts, are always fighting the last war of state encroachment. For the libertarian, rolling back Leviathan is always a priority – or at least it should be. The grand question always is: How best to make it happen?

The battle between dogmatism and pragmatism is an ongoing kerfuffle between proponents of a free society. There are some who think it best to infiltrate the state and jam a proverbial wrench in its gears of oppression. Others hold the sincere belief that putting the “right” people in public office will somehow drain the misbegotten swamp.

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1 comment to Fighting the State

  • Ed_B

    Kerfuffle? Isn’t that a lefto-communist term for a “gigantic f***-up”? Gotta watch all these cute little code and buzz words that come along. Those who would win every argument regardless of their merits often begin by controlling or attempting to control the flow of the language. This has led to all manner of abuse, such as whether or not something is “PC”. When one defines the language, it then becomes possible to also define argumentative victory. None of these half-witted tricks will work on those who are awake and aware.

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