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Federal Reserve – No Taper!

by Andy Hoffman,

MY GOD, I couldn’t have gotten this more correct!  While the ENTIRE WORLD expected a “taper,” I screamed that they could NEVER stop printing money.  Fiat currency regimes are Ponzi Schemes by nature; and thus, MUST grow exponentially larger to avoid instantaneous collapse.  They ALL eventually implode; and the larger the bubble grows, the more spectacular the implosion.  As this bubble has been blown worldwide – over a period of 42 years, it will be the most spectacular financial collapse in human history; and likely, the history of living beings in ALL galaxies.  I GUARANTEE you, if the Voyager satellite patrols the universe for the next billion years, it will never find a financial folly this dramatic – nor an economic collapse on a par with what we will soon experience here.

All along, I have been saying that rising interest rates will DESTROY everything in their path; as the “IRREVERSIBLE, GLOBAL DEBT ADDICTION” cannot absorb even the most miniscule rate increase; let alone, in a world in which the REAL economy is already at or near recession levels – and in some places, depressionary

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