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Another Diplomatic Disgrace for obomba

by MRH

With Western “leaders” constantly spewing their propaganda about “diplomacy”, President “obomba” has been dealt yet another blow by the BRICS nations, adding to a long list of diplomatic black-eyes. What is it going to take for President obomba to simply act like a genuine LEADER of a real ‘Republic’ – formerly known as the greatest nation on earth?

Back in June we reported that the African National Congress dismissed the President’s request for an audience as “a publicity stunt”. Russia, earlier this year, dismissed President obomba’s request to turn over Snowden regarding the release of NSA global spying information. President obomba, then cancelled a private meeting with Putin at the G20 meeting in Russia, where President Putin called Secretary of State, John Kerry, a liar regarding the chemical bomb attacks in Syria. The world, literally, is watching and is getting more vocal about the corruption that is the United States government.

And here we sit today with Brazilian President Rousseff cancelling a private meeting with President obomba. Why? Because the obomba administration and President obomba himself, has not fulfilled President Rousseff’s request to turn over the information the NSA has gathered on her and the citizens of Brazil. It may seem like a small, insignificant situation, however, in the context of everything else that has happened, just this year, it has to be put under a microscope. Remember, Brazil is the first letter in BRICS. These five countries grow more united everyday and with situations like this is it any wonder why.

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1 comment to Another Diplomatic Disgrace for obomba

  • small fry

    Thanks, Thanks!!!! Got to thank someone for standing up for the truth (even if that weren’t the sole reason).
    When some countries move to protect the image of their national sovereignty, it might be a wake up call to some to help protect their national integrity, even if their personal integrity has been traded off in the cowed down sheepie economy and local political forum.
    For those who have tried, this is just like a smile and a sunny day!!

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