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Debt Ceiling to Infinity – Revisited

by Andy Hoffman,

I’m writing on a plane with no internet resources, so this will be a “pure” article.  I wish it were about a more pleasant topic, but I am mandated to speak of REALITY; and sadly, global economic reality is as dismal as at any time in lives, with ZERO chance of improving until the root cause – FIAT MONEY – is destroyed.  And FYI, I was just informed drinks are NO LONGER FREE on Frontier Airlines!  Yes, for the first time EVER, I have been told my formerly complimentary drink now costs $1.99.  Not $2.00, mind you, but $1.99.  So for those that still believe inflation is NOT a problem, I suggest you re-evaluate the costs structure of your own life.

Last November, I wrote of the impending breach of the U.S. “debt ceiling”; which at the time was $16.4 trillion.  It has been $14.2 trillion until it was raised in August 2011, pending matching spending cuts that never occurred.  A bipartisan “Super Committee” vehemently promised such cuts; but in the end, didn’t bring a single cent to the table. 

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