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Congressman Rangel Pushes for Military Draft Vote Ahead of Syria Action

from The Daily Sheeple:

Just in case you were wondering who some members of Congress expect will be fighting the next war alongside Al Qaeda in Syria, we have your answer.

According to Congressman Charles Rangel (D-NY) he’s ready to send all of America’s children into harm’s way through a forced military draft, much like we had during Vietnam.

I truly believe we should have a national draft act before the Congress acts,” Rangel said on “Weekends with Alex Witt” on MSNBC.

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15 comments to Congressman Rangel Pushes for Military Draft Vote Ahead of Syria Action

  • joe

    Charlie should sign up … what a f—— pimp.

  • Jonathan

    Pharmaceutical amphetamine use has reached an all time high in Washington

  • Finn

    I haven’t read the article yet and will but I’m immediately struck thinking that Rangel is trying to alarm Americans to garner support AGAINST an attack.

    He put Obama down the other day about the red line issue so don’t jump the gun here.

  • Finn

    Right, so I read the article and am sticking with my assessment.

  • Upstart

    I was informed the British were considering conscription too. This video was sent to me a couple of days ago about the Brits trying to pass a legal Bill on this matter:

    Looks like the Anglo-American-Israeli axis of evil are determined to have thier war – and ensure they have an ample supply of young people as meat for the grinder.


    Look, I would be the first to say that “Sorry Charlie” needs to be behind bars. But I agree with him on this (Draft). Reason, do you think if all the Socker mom’s little Johnny were drafted that these wars would continue to last? Let’s look at Vietnam. “I
    ain’t no Senator’s son”? STOP ALL THE WARS………”WAR WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR”?
    SEMPER FI 1968

  • monica

    we don’t have to money number one, we don’t take care of current vets number two, and we have no business in this stinking NWO manipulation of counties, governments and people, number three.

  • rico

    Charlie – Our children will be right behind you, your family, Congress and their families, The President, Vice President, their cabinet and their families, the management teams of all the money center banks, investment banks, stock brokerages, lobbyists and their families, Ben Bernanke and the members of the Federal Reserve (current and former) and their families, the IRS management (current and former) and their families, the Clintons, the Bushes, the Roosevelts, the Rumsfelds, the Cheyneys, their cabinets and their families and anyone else who has had any hand in attempting to destroy this great land…You are a lying, cheating CHARLATAN.

  • johns

    YOU FIRST….and the “joy boys” McCain and Graham, and the rest. SIGN UP and lead the charge you PIECE OF CRAP.

    ONLY then will I allow my nephew to sign up for YOU.


  • dan

    3 more years of this leadership out of both parties….this nation will never survive….Semper Fi

  • Is this guy bipolar? One day he’s against the whole thing, then the NSA gets dirt on the dude and he makes a 180.

  • andrew james

    Rangel has been calling for conscription for more than a decade.

  • NaySayer

    Jesse Ventura has stated there should be a draft with no exceptions for college etc. because then the children of the rich would have to fight too and then the wars would be over asap.

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